Temple of Amun at Karnak (in Luxor)

There were far more people at Karnak Temple than we had seen anywhere else -- including the Pyramids in Giza! Matt explained that Russians and other Europeans from cold climates visit the beach. For them, a visit to Karnak is a day trip. We had far more interruption and traffic at the sites than we had faced previously. I thought to myself that when people stop fearing Egypt, this is what the tour will face at every port. The street vendors were desperately selling knick knacks at extremely low prices and Matt was fielding offers for us. I do not think that many passengers bothered with the rows and rows of kiosks at this stop. There was far too much to explore and the Egyptologist saved us time by showing the best features and photo stops before turning us loose. It was awesome to see the temple even if it was in ruins.
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