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Wife and I booked on Eastbound Grand European leaving Amsterdam on July 31, 2012. Trip ends in Bucharest, and we decided to add 1 or 2 days in Bucharest even though the trip includes tours in and around Bucharest. Is the extra time worth the expense; i.e., what sites do you recommend visiting? Anyone else on this trip? Tauck web site indicates this trip is sold out.


  • We had extra days in Amsterdam which we loved. There was so much to see and do and all within walking distance from the hotel. We did a full day tour (by coach and boat) to see the windmills, Maduradam, Delft, etc. that was great (through Viator). We were more than ready to leave Bucharest. From correspondence with friends who stayed extra time in Bucharest, they hung around the hotel. Enough said. Pep
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    We are boarding the ship in Bucharest in August and ending in Budapest, Hungary. We are going in earlier since we were able to use the two free days in Bucharest to unwind after flying in from California. If you can't change your airfare to leave Bucharest when the ship docks, go to tripadvisor and read all the info on Bucharest sightseeing so you don't have to hang around the hotel. My husband's family was originally from Romania so we were interested in starting there.

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    We will also have two pre cruise days in Amsterdam; however, we previously spent around 4 days in Amsterdam. Given our previous visit and the Tauk land tours (which will provide us a repeat visit for many of their stops in and around Amsterdam), we are looking at the possibility of day trips to Belgium or to other areas of the Netherlands. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for your reply.
  • Consider a trip to Bruges in Belgium - a day trip by train from Amsterdam and one of the most beautiful, charming cities in that part of Europe.
  • I agree with Smarks50, go to Brugge! We took the boat ride and the tram ride there while we were there. Delightful little city/town.

  • Thanks for the advice regarding Belgium. We finally decided to hire a driver and guide who will pick us up at our hotel in Amsterdam, drive to Brugge and Ghent and then return to the hotel in Amsterdam the same night by same hired driver and guide. We board the MS Treasurers the next day for the eastbound Grand European River Trip.
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