Hiking through the Valley of the Kings

This was the day that tested how well one could walk great distances as we visited as many as five tombs and walked great distances up and down the Valley. The interiors of the tombs were gorgeously colorful! After seeing the how splendidly others were decorated, I felt so sorry for Tutankhamun; his tomb had only three big paintings in it and the walls in the hallways down to where his mummy was found were bare of illustrations! (That's what comes of being born to a renegade father!) After this day of walking, our legs were sore and our feet had blisters. No wonder that it is saved for last. (Post trip tip: wear two pairs of socks or get hiking socks for this day)

We also took the hot air balloon ride at the crack of dawn and it was one of the highest points in the tour. Our pilot was extremely skillful and took us close to the many little tomb openings that dotted the Valley of the Kings (as well as the Valley of the Queens). Our landing was flawless and exactly where he wanted to place us. (At least five other balloons landed in the fields of sugar cane and their passengers had to hike back to the airfield.)

The sights were awesome -- by air or by foot.
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