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  • Can you tell me the activity level of this trip? How much walking/daily?
    What items are noted to purchase in this region as gifts to take home?
    Will there be recommendations to specific restaurants for authentic cuisine in the region?
  • Hi Sue,

    I did this trip a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't recall a great deal of walking ... no more than you would expect under normal sight-seeing conditions! And, from memory, I think if you needed to, you could work around any difficulties. As for the local cuisine ... I was in seafood heaven. Lobster, muscles, fish ... oh, and the PEI ice-cream. All wonderful. Inexplicably, I don't like fish soups (no idea why!) but I always found a substitute for fish chowder.

    Things to take home ... hmm... lots of handcrafts, as I remember. I have a long way to travel home, so I usually try to buy tiny, wee things.

    It's a great trip. Wonderful country and wonderful people.


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