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Any idea when Tauck Tours will announce the 2013 trips? My husband and I are very interested in the 2-week England, Scotland & Wales trip so that we can experience the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh. We have traveled twice before with Tauck Tours (Australia & Canyonlands) and are strongly looking forward to this trip. We want to book the trip before our preferred dates are sold out. Any information will be appreciated.


  • Hi. I am taking the Aug 29th Tour to England Scotland and Wales. Will be missing the Olympics which is ok but would have liked to see the Military Tattoo but that stops with the tour before. I am most concerned with weather and what to bring. Still rather warm? Or by then is it fall like? I was on the Normandy two week tour last year and loved it so hope this tour is great too! If Anyone can add anything to advise, please do. Always could use advice as we will have an extra day in Scotland before and a day more in London at the end of tour. Thanks!
  • Hi,
    If you mean the 8/30/12 trip we, too, are on it. Where are you from? We will arrive in Edinburgh on 8/28 and we'll depart from London to the states on 9/15. Hope to hear from you.
  • Hi Lee M
    We are taking the Aug 30 Tour. We are from Long Island NY and will arrive Scotland Aug 29 and leaving on Sept 13.
    Can't wait...and where are you from? On the trip advisor site some one wrote she was taking the same tour and she lives fairly close to me. When I went on the tour to Normandy Brittany we were from all over the country...Only one other couple was from NY but not near me. I did enjoy the tour..have you travelled with Tauck before? Can't wait to meet you..like knowing I will have communicated with someone else going on the tour. Worried about What to Bring...Climate there iffy!!!! Sharon
  • I do hope that one of you take the time to give us an honest review when you return. This trip is on the top of our list for our planned 40th wedding anniversary trip in 2014 and to date there has not been a lot of discussion about it on these forums.
  • Hi OzJohnno
    Will Do!!! I notice nothing much is said. Try trip advisor although most just post wanting to know what tour not what happens on the tour. I did put a post on for France with a little prodding from a lady who was asking for a review before I left. Sharon
  • I, too, will be awaiting feedback on this tour. It's #1 on our travel wishlist for 2013 or 2014. Have a wonderful time and please do report back upon your return.
  • Auntsha - re England trip August 30 please contact me directly at [email protected] We're from Northern CA and would like to talk with you.
  • Can anyone suggest some must see places in Wales ???? I am looking forward for it.
  • Is anyone going on this trip on June 14th?

  • Jody,

    My husband and I will be on the June 14 tour.

    Where are you from? We are in So. Calif.


    [email protected]
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    We are on the August 16, 2012 trip to England, Scotland, and Wales. In response to arriving early, we too are coming in a day early. We will have what is left of our arrival day to just walk around the Edinburgh and recon the area. Since the dinner is not until later the next afternoon, we hired a car and driver to take us to St. Andrew's to see the town and golf course. Not cheap, but a nice way to see the countryside at your leisure. We will probably have him/her drive us further south to see some of the sights that we won't see on the tour. We have the car and driver for 9 hours so we do not have to be rushed. The cars are very comfortable (Mercedes S Class is the norm). The company is Butler's Chauffeur Drive, LTD and their website is www.edinburghchauffer.co.uk. I figure that will give us a full day's sightseeing before the tour begins.

    We have done this same sort of thing in Rome (to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast) and Berlin (to Potsdam) and it was well worth it. The drivers are not licensed tour guides, but usually have some very interesting information and stories (true or not) to share. At Pompeii we hired a private tour guide and she was wonderful. Having a guide for two people made the stop very enjoyable. In fact, her uncle was in charge of security there and let us visit inside of an exhibit not yet opened to the public. We were the only non-workers to see the exhibit. It was not ready for the public yet, but was close and it was great to see it. Had we been in a group, we would never had the opportunity to do that. We got there early in the morning and had Pompeii all to ourselves for the first 1.5 hours. Definitely worth the money.

    Our driver in Potsdam knew people at Frederick the Great's Palaces and we went to the head of the line to get in. Same with the hotel where the Potsdam Conference took place. Made a nice addition to the tour.
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    My husband and I are also going on the June 14th (2012) tour. We are flying out of San Diego on the 12th and will arrive in Scotland on the 13th.

  • L.Lynne,
    I look forward to meeting you. We leave from LAX, on the 13th.
    See you in Scotland!

  • Peggy,

    Look forward to meeting you too. Should be a great trip!

  • I have posted this on a different topic, but I will repeat it for this one.Hi,

    We were on the August, 2011 England, Scotland and Wales tour and it was wonderful. We were lucky enough to see the Tattoo. Edinburgh was more crowded at that time, because the Fringe Festival came during the same time.

    The weather was of a comfortable temperature, but be sure to bring some rain gear as it rained most of the time that we were there. The rain was mostly misty or at a drizzle and didn't interfere with any of the activities. We were lucky because the rain stopped in time for the Tattoo (The Tattoo goes on even if it is raining and Tauck supplied us with Ponchos just in case)

    I try to make slide programs of our trips and I just finished my slides of this trip. You can view it at:


    You will be asked to download a "Presenter" program. It is very safe (part of my Photodex software and even the teacher of my on-line photo class has the same software.) and only takes a few seconds to download.

    Try to watch it full screen (click on the second box from the right bottom of the Photodex screen) and keep your sound on.

    I hope that you enjoy it. You will be surprised at how much you will see on this trip.

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