Sept 15th 2012 trip-Question

I am booked on the Americas Canyonland tour leaving Sept 15th. Maybe someone can answer one of my burning questions. I see several lunches on the intinerary but no mention of where it is...Can someone shed some light ???

Also, would love to hear from anyone booked on this trip. Thanks


  • For the person who was asking about lunches on the Canyonlands trip. I went on the trip last Aug. It was wonderful and I have posted quite a few comments regarding the trip on the Canyonlands forum. As far as lunches, I can tell you where we ate last year. I wouldn't think there would be many changes this year. If you have never traveled with Tauck you will receive a very complete day by day itinerary at the welcome dinner. It will tell you all you need to know for the trip but I will give you the lunches we had last August. Day5-Lunch in Kanab. Utah. This is a fun cowboy type place. Good gift shop also. Day 6-Bryce Canyon Dining room where you will have eaten dinner the night before and breakfast in the morning. Day 7- Lunch at Red Rock Grill at Zion where you would have dinner the night before and breakfast. There are a couple of options for lunch both right there. One very pizza/burgers place and another that would be regular lunches such as salads etc. Zion is the most beautiful park ever!!! Hope this helps. I would be happy to answer any other questions. This trip is wonderful.
  • Thanks so much for the quick reply. I also read your previous post. One more question...How much time do you have in Sedona ?
  • Hi again, As for the time in Sedona it was a couple of hours. Mike, our tour guide, gave us alot of information about Sedona on the way there. We did make one stop before we got to the mainstreet area. There was a 40 minute walking tour if you desired. I didn't do that. Just walked around and went into the shops. The temp. was over 100 degrees and two hours was long enough to be in the heat. The tour guide will suggest a place for lunch. Most of us just ate a light lunch for we were all ready to get back on the air conditioned bus. For dinner at the Grand Canyon you will have three places to choose from which the guide will tell you about as you get in the Grand Canyon area. Hope this helps.
  • If you don't mind I have one more question... how were the national park hotels ? were they clean ?
    Thanks so much for all your help
  • The park hotels were fine. The most rustic was Bryce. There was no TV but cozy and even had a fireplace plus shower and very comfortable. All of the others were fine with TV and a regular type hotel room. Of course, the Four Seasons in Las Vegas was to die for!!! Need not worry you will love this trip.
  • Flatlands hope you don't mind another question. On the day of the flight over rainbow bridge at what time do you return and then how much time do you have before the tour to antelope canyon ? thanks so much.
  • We --my husband and I --are also going on the Canyonlands tour starting in Sept 14. We are looking forward to it. We have travelled with Tauck several times in the past but never in the U.S.
  • KC, If you are only going to do the flight you go fairly early in the morning and then come back to the hotel for breakfast and the rest of the day is free to relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors at Lake Powell. As I recall, the people taking the Monument Valley or Antelope Tour went on the plane later and didn't return from those tours until late afternoon. I opted out of either of those and enjoyed the beautiful Lake from my hotel deck. That evening there is a cruise of Lake Powell which is really nice providing the weather cooperates. Enjoy your trip. Be happy to answer any other questions. Let me know how you like the trip. Mike was our director and Bill our driver. Both wonderful.
  • thanks again, I think I am all ready am leaving next week !!!
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