Israel and Jordan with Matt was INCREDIBLE

We just returned from an Israel and Jordan tour and it was FANTASTIC! Our Tour Director, Matt, was the best we have had in our 35 years of travel all over the world. The tour was planned out so we really did see everything in Israel. We loved the 4 night stay in Jerusalem but probably the highlight was our visit to Petra. In true Tauck style, Matt, had everything planned out so we could walk as much . . . or as little as we liked and EVERYTHING was included. We took a camel and then a horse and carriage which was a truly memorable experience. Matt even got a small van to take some to the hotel that were tired and a little nervous about camel riding. Two participants decided to walk back and when it started to snow and rain they decided to get a camel. They were worried that they would have to negociate a price and go it alone because they had left the group but when the camel driver heard the word Tauck he told them that everything was already paid for. He took them to the treasury and then put them in a carriage and nobody asked them for a penny! When they offered to tip . . . the camel driver would not accept it and told them it was already included and thanked them for coming to Petra with Tauck! Truly impressive that Matt and Tauck are so well known there. We were all amazed when we heard their story except for Matt who said that "this is the way it should be when you are with Tauck." A great experience that we will never forget. Thank you Tauck and Matt. We are already planning another trip for the summer.


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    So glad you got Matt as your T.D. We have had Matt twice on Tauck Tours. When we did the Egypt/Jordan tour two years ago, Tauck was using the Marriott Hotel in Petra. He told me to get a cab back to the hotel if I got tired after walking back from the Treasury in Petra. I walked because I did NOT want to go in those carts. He said the cab ride would be a certain price. I took one of the cabs parked at the entrance and when we reached the Marriott, the cab driver hit me up for about 10 US dollars more. I practically threw several more dollars at him and left the cab. Hours later, my DH came in with the extra dollars and said that the cab driver realized he had made a mistake by asking me for more money. I had told him I was with Tauck. He must have returned to the entrance of Petra and realized his mistake and was afraid he would lose the Tauck business. Everyone in all of our stops knows Matt. So glad we were able to go to Egypt/Jordan when we did. It was a fabulous tour!!

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