Looking for travel guide reading suggestion supplements
that will be helpful for the Milan to Amsterdam Rhine River Cruise in


  • Tauck provides a reading list for every tour, check out the page for the tour thoroughly and you will find it. Or look in your booking paperwork. Tauck works with Longitude Books. It will also e in the booklet you receive when you make your final payment
  • For the Amsterdam part of our Rhine/Moselle cruise, my two favorite book choices were Rick Steve's Pocket guide to Amsterdam and the non-fiction book "Amsterdam, The Most Liberal City" by Edward Shorto.

    The former is a great resource for exploring Amsterdam on your own. It's a small pocket size guide with nice maps, info on self-guided walking tours, suggested sights, practical info, etc.

    The non-fiction book was excellent as it explained what made Amsterdam & the Netherlands so different from the rest of Europe. Had alot of the history of the area. One of the people the author interviewed actually knew Anne Frank. Had some really interesting personal history related to the Jews in Amsterdam at that time period.
  • I also can recommend Rick Steve's Pocket guide to Amsterdam - time evaporated while reading it
  • Recently read "Amsterdam: The Most Liberal City" and it was fascinating and will enhance our experience when we visit the city. We have always liked Lonely Planet guides, especially the small pocket version with a pullout map.
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