Solo Christmas Markets on the Rhine 2019

Hello all, this will be my first time river cruising and my first time going alone. For those of you who have done both, does it feel too alone or is there always something to do for the solo traveler? I have traveled solo on a land trip before and done many other ocean cruises with friends/family but never cruised alone.


  • I've done 3 river cruises but not as a solo. I wouldn't hesitate to do it though. The itineraries on the cruises keep you fairly busy and people are pretty friendly. Since the ships are small (compared to the big cruisers) it's a cosy, convivial feel when you want some company. Just go hang out in the lounge, sundeck, Arthur's, etc and there is usually someone to chat with. While most of your fellow passengers will be couples, the majority won't know anyone else so they are just as interested in making friends.

    Hope you have a great cruises.
  • My first river cruise there were 12 solo travelers! Our tables at dinner were always full of
    laughter. The Christmas Market Cruises are especially fun, very relaxing. There are planned tours and excursions,
    but you can always forgo the tour and just wander the town; the boat usually docks right in the heart of the town, close
    to the Christmas Markets.
    When you board tell the Tour Director you want to meet other solo travelers, they will want to meet you! Just smile and introduce yourself, you will meet some wonderful people.

  • I'm late to respond but thought I'd add my two cents. My Christmas Markets on the Danube this December will be my 12th Tauck tour and my 4th solo river cruise. I'm also signed up for the Rhine, Swiss Alps and Amsterdam Cruise in 2019...also solo. I love the riverboats and the Christmas Markets on the Rhine that I did in 2015 was one of my favorite trips.

    Of my prior tours, six were with another person (Mom, sister, friend) and five solo. On the solo trips, I often met couples that I related to and was able to choose when I wanted to be alone or with other folks. I've also found that sometimes couples don't have the same interests or physical ability, so only one of them might participate in walking tours or something and I became friendly with them.

    I think some of the consideration is how independent you are and if you enjoy your own company, in case you don't hook up with anyone else. I have friends who won't travel alone and I go by myself a lot so being solo on a tour doesn't bother me.

    Hope you have a great time!
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