Going to Venice, Florence, Rome. Which adaptor plug do I need. Three or two prong? Thank you.


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    When we were in Italy two years ago, I only needed the two-prong adapters. For an upcoming trip, I've bought a European style outlet strip and several adapters. That will make charging multiple devices much easier.
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    Would these adaptors take care of charging an IPad? Do people travel with their IPads? Would my email work on it and is there any free WiFi available? I haven't traveled since 2007 and this time I am solo. Thanks.
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    For Mifi you might want to check this company out http://www.cellularabroad.com/italyRmifi.php, you can rent a device before you go.
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    Just returned.
    Used both two prong and three prong. Hotels had both.
    iPad charger works with Italy 220v. with adapter.
    WiFi included N/C at each hotel - so iPad worked great!
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