Grand Junction Pick up?

Just wondering about the frequency of pickups from Grand Junction to Red Cliffs Lodge and the length of the trip? If all goes well we should arrive at Grand Junction around 12:38 PM. How long would we have to wait before continuing on?



  • Hi Gregdude,

    Make sure that you provide us with you arrival time and flight information so that we we can make sure you will have a transfer to the hotel. Which day will you be arriving? The journey to Red Cliffs Lodge is approximately, 90 minutes from Grand Junction Airport.

    Hope this helps,
  • Thanks Emily,
    I have already notified Tauck on our flight number, arrival date, and time, just wondered about how long we would be hanging around Grand Junction. Our flight arrives at 12:38 PM.
  • Hi Gregdude,

    I've just been floating around the forum looking for any comments on this trip and found your question.

    I think if you get in touch with Tauck reservations, either by email or the free phone number, and give them your reservation number, they should be able to get back to you with the exact pick up procedure. I know sometimes they use a single car and sometimes a bus. Depends how many meet and greets and how many bodies they have within a certain time span, I guess.

    I do know the airport at Grand Junction is quite small and hard to "fly" to. I'm going in September and I've chosen to overnight at a Denver airport hotel because the direct onwards connections to Grand Junction are just too iffy to rely on. I'll be flying in from San Francisco and the only direct onwards flight I could get arrived would have arrived at Grand Junction quite late in the day, making for an even later arrival at Red Cliffs.

    Hope you have a great trip.


  • Thanks Jan,
    We are also going in September, September 6th and have now completed our United flights from Newark to Denver and on to GJ. Since making our reservation United has changed flights and times twice on us. At one point they had us waiting 5 hours in Denver! We have, I hope, finally resolved this by having United book us on a mid-morning flight out of Newark. We now arrive in GJ at 3:00 PM which will just have to be good enough! Looks to me like we won't get to Moab until 5:00 - 5:30 PM.
  • Hey, Gregdude! I keep getting new itineraries/e tickets from my travel agent probably with the same sort of minute changes as you've been getting! I'm kind of glad I decided at the start to o/n in Denver ... a pain though that is....not Denver! I really like Denver! I'm on the next trip and I think I might be on the same flight into GJ as you. Late afternoon is such a glamorous time to arrive, after all! ;) I will have already left home by the time your trip starts so you won't be able to tell me all the things I should have packed but didn't!

    I can't believe that show time is almost here. Can't wait. Have a great tip!


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