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Hopefully someone who has been on the Spain and Portugal tour can share their insight.

In Granada, Tauck includes a tour of the Alhambra. The tour description says "Tour the palace, considered to be one of the world's most beautiful, and stroll the Generalife, grounds of the summer palace of former sultans. Enjoy free time to explore on your own".

During our free time, will we be able to further explore the palaces? Or will the group tour exit the palaces before the tour ends? It seems that I read somewhere that once you exit the palace buildings and are in the Generalife, readmission to the palaces is not possible. My wife and I both enjoy photography, and are looking forward to extra time on our own for the many photo opportunities in the palaces.

Thanks in advance for any insights.


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    We did Tauck's Spain and Portugal two years ago. It was our first Tauck tour and was really a great experience. I also enjoy photography and took "tons" of pictures. I thought that the time in the palace was well paced to take all of the pictures I wanted to. Fell free to check out my pics at . . .


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    We took this trip in May 2010. I don't remember any free time at the Alhambra. It is quite large and I took numerous pictures. Plenty of time to do so while on the tour. Then it is a little walk to Generalife (the gardens). It was very hot and I just couldn't make it so sat on a bench and waited for the rest of our group. I gave my husband my camera and he got some amazing photos. The hotel you stay in is also very interesting, and I got some beautiful pictures in the lobby, at dinner on the patio, and even in our very unusual room. We have been on 6 Tauck tours and this one to Portugal/Spain was my personal favorite. I know you'll have a wonderful time.
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    Thank you Lenora and Jerry; both had helpful information.

    Lenora, I'm glad to hear that this was your favorite of 6 Tauck tours; makes me anticipate ours even more.

    Jerry, thanks for posting the link to your photos; very nice. But your post cost me $40 because I realized we will need another memory card for our camera! BTW, for some reason the link in your post to your photo page included the period at the end of the sentence, so clicking on your link doesn't take you to your page; I copied your link into the browser, backspaced to delete the period, and then it worked (here it is: web.me.com/jerry_rabinowitz/Portugal_and_Spain).
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