Will be visting Florence, Venice & Rome in June. What is the dress code for sight seeing and meals.


  • Hello AlexW,

    The weather in Italy is temperate and unpredictable. We suggest that you dress for comfort and convenience with a wardrobe that is flexible and allows for layering. Casual, cotton clothing is recommended. A light sweater or jacket will provide warmth on a chilly earlymorning walk or a late night stroll; however, generally you will only need to dress for warm and delightful weather – and the occasional shower.
    In Europe, especially in finer restaurants, it is generally customary to dress somewhat formally. Slacks or a dress for women and a jacket for men are acceptable dining attire but not required. It is advisable to avoid wearing jeans, sneakers or shorts for dinner. You may also wish to dress up a bit for the welcome reception and the farewell dinner, but by all means be comfortable.

    Most catholic churches in Italy require that your knees and shoulders be covered when you enter, even during the hot days of summer. This is particularly important when you visit St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, where shorts and tank tops are not allowed.

    I hope this helps,
  • Emily, any suggestions on how much to bring in terms of clothing for the 10 day Lakes tour in June? I'm just trying to determine how many times I'll have to wear something twice. Any tips would be of help.
    Thanks, Jay
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