Northern Lights

Has anybody who took the Manitoba/Polar bear tour see Northern Lights? Seeing them has been the dream of my life.
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  • Hello, In November 2010, I took the Polar Bear/Manatoba tour. It is probably my favorite. We were lucky and did see the Northern Lights. The weather was overcast most of the day, but toward late afternoon, it brighten and Wally, who runs the lodge there, said that the "lights should be out tonight." About 9:00 pm, there was a knock on our door, telling us that the bus would leave in 10 minutes. We saw the lights from the lodge, but Wally drove us out into the forest area where there were no other lights. I was impressed also with how many stars and how close to the ground they appeared. There is no guarantee that you will see them, but if the weather cooperates, they are visible.

  • Many thanks for your reply.
  • Agree that the opportunity to see the Northern Lights would convince me to schedule this trip....seeing the Northern Lights is on my "bucket list"!!! Is there another tour or time of the year that would include this feature?
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