Food in China-restrictions

My wife has some dietary restrictions and can not eat soy or soy products. Are you restricted to Chinese cuisine throughout the trips to China? Can you get "continental" or "Amercan" food on the trip? What about the river cruise cuisine?


  • Hello Stu,

    There is always western options for the meals in China and on the river cruise. When you book your trip make sure that you let Tauck know about your wife's food allergy.

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  • Emily: who can I contact at Tauck that is a specialist on food for the China Yangtze river cruise? Stu Feldman
  • Hello Stu,

    Someone will be in touch with you shortly. I have provided them with your phone number and email.

    Hope this helpss,
  • Emily:
    Tauck is holding a reservation for me pending a discussion on food restrictions. Pls. have that individual call me today, Monday. I have not received a call yet.
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  • Thank you for share. It is a information good.
  • We just got back from this trip. On the cruise ship, food was generally served buffet style and western food choices were always available. I have no doubt that the ship can accommodate you, and I hope that you will soon be speaking with a Tauck representative. Even at special meals while traveling, food restrictions would be honored. For example, we stopped at one place for delicious dumplings. Our tour director had a list of people with food allergies and spoke with each person individually to make sure appropriate food was available. One person at our table had her own private tray with food that she could eat. We had the opportunity at the beginning of the tour to reconfirm with the director if we had food concerns.
  • We are leaving in a few days for our China trip. Is Tauck recommending that we avoid certain foods, such as chicken or duck, given the outbreak of avian flu? Also, what about pork?

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