When you travel as a SINGLE, do you get a sub-standard Room with Tauck?

Have you felt that traveling SINGLE gets you a lousy room with Tauck? Last two trips with Tauck I began to wonder. For now on I will NOT put up with being considered "2nd class" on a first class paid tour just because I was paying the SINGLE rate.


  • No. As a matter of fact on one trip, the TD said to me that some hotels try to pull this, and if they do, let him know and he'd fix it.

  • I have been on 3 Tauck tours as a single and never got an inferior room.

  • I've been on two land tours as a single - Switzerland and Yellowstone. My room was a normal double ... all for me! On cruises, you get to choose your cabin from those available. On the Seine River cruise, my niece chose the smallest cabin (thinking she was saving me money), and it was fine for two of us. We just weren't in the room very much. I originally booked the Scottish Island cruise as a single, only to have my niece beg to come along a couple of months before departure. We stayed in the same cabin I orginally booked as a single, and it was a double (twin beds). So, no, I have never run into this problem.

  • Twelve trips with Tauck, ground and river cruises as a single never felt 2nd class or inferior rooms

  • Was on a toir once where a single showed me her room, it was huge compared to ours. Tauck does not pull this trick, singles pay extra for the tour because they have a room for themselves but it’s not double the price because they are not having to pay for the touring part of the component, museums, meals and tips.

  • I have been on four tours with Tauck as a single, and have never had an issue with my room. If you have certain preferences like being on a higher floor or being closer to (or farther from) the elevator, etc., you can request those. No guarantees, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Depending on where you are, the facility you stay at may only be a 2 or 3 star hotel because that is the best that is available in the area and can accommodate the entire group. In that case, none of the rooms may be up to your preferred standard, but it would have nothing to do with you traveling as a single.

  • I have been on many Tauck tours as a solo, and never had a bad room. Don't worry about it.

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