2019-20 Celebration of Roses

Anyone out there on this trip in December 2019? We have been assigned to the "Sammy Davis Jr. Group" and will arrive a day early. We look forward to celebrating the New Year in style with fellow Tauck travelers. Ed and Vicki (Asheville, NC)


  • Jean and Bob Oliver are celebrating #50 and taking this trip. What is the " Sammy Davis, Jr. Group"?

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    The folks at Tauck break the group up and we get assigned to a group with a Hollywood Star's name. SDJ is one of 8-10 groups.

  • We're in the Bob Hope Group. We were told there would be six groups with about 35 guests each. We too are looking forward to attending this special event.
    My wife fondly recalls going to her grandparent's house to watch the Rose Bowl Parade in living color. Big Ten (then) fans in Davenport, Iowa, whereas I was a Pac 8 (Then) fan from Northern California. Back when those two conferences were among the elite!
    Morristown, NJ travelers

  • We will miss meeting you as we had to re-book this for 2020-21 and we have been assigned to the Bob Hope group as well.

  • We booked late, were assigned to Bob Hope group (first three letters of reservation Number = VRA).
    Discovered friends who booked this event are assigned to Liz Taylor group (VRB ).
    Is anyone out there willing to switch so we can be together with our friends?

  • Hope you are successful in changing your reservation, but a word of caution to all about the opposite,
    Good friends joined us on a Tauck tour a number of years ago. It was their first trip with Tauck, we had taken many.
    They enjoyed the short one week trip. We almost immediately booked our next tour and they wanted to join us. It was the Iceland tour. The Tauck agent insisted that our bookings be linked, we were privately not very keen as we thought they might cancel, they often cancel things. It soon became obvious they were having second thoughts as they hate to leave their aging dogs..As time got nearer, they still hadn’t booked their flight. Then they canceled but neglected to immediately tell us, so the next thing we knew we had an email from Tauck saying how sorry Tauck was that we had cancelled. Thank goodness we noticed this email just a day before we were going on a trip. We called immediately and rectified, though quite obvious that maybe they had already given our place to someone on the waiting list for this popular tour. Our fiends of course had made it clear that only they were canceling to the agent and were going to call us.
    The moral to the story, we would never ever want our trip booking linked with anyone else.
    Stcase,, because of what happened to us, if I was on your tour, I’d be so nervous helping to change with you In case something got screwed up.Would your experience of the tour be ruined if you did not spend the entire tour joined at the hip. On our first tour with the friends, we both bonded with different people anyway but we all had a great time.
    Please post if you manage to change and I would love to hear what the Roses tour is like and how Tauck manages the groups, are they totally separate the whole trip etc.

  • British: Thanks for the heads up. Our reservations are independent, this tour divides into 8-10 groups on site to reduce excursion size. Agree with meetings new folks; that is why we've traveled alone with Tauck to very continent. Personal reasons for trying to spend some more time with these friends. Will try to remember post-trip answer to your questions.

  • 2020-21 Celebration of Roses was just cancelled by Tauck. It was the right decision in this time of a pandemic. Too big a risk for all.

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