Solo traveler Dolomites.

This is my first solo trip. I assume every group is unique, but wondered what overall impressions are for someone new to travel alone, but in a group. Also, has anyone done this tour?


  • We did the Ultimate Alps and Dolomites in 2014. It was our second Tauck trip. It has changed some but was great back then. Don't nap during the bus rides in the Dolomites- the scenery is spectacular- actually more so than the Austrian and Bavarian Alps!. Unless they desired to be by themselves, singles on all our trips since have been warmly welcomed and accepted by the other travelers.

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    I've done 5 of 6 of my Tauck trips solo. No soclializing problems at all. Number of solos on my trips have varied from 2 to 7. In my (limited) experience, if you book on one of the dates that Tauck offers a solo discount, you'll find more solos there. Note that not all destinations offer the solo dates.

    Again, in my limited experience, more important than the number of solos is the number of very large parties. One trip I did had a family of 11. While they were all very personable on an individual basis, it was a hassle for everyone, including the TD, to accommodate them in restaurants, as they always wanted to sit together on their own.

  • Tauck is a good group to travel with if you are solo. Out of my 5 trips with Tauck so far, 4 of them have been solo. I never felt alone or unwelcome. I am somewhat introverted and probably about 20 years younger than the average Tauck guest, so I may be slower to talk to people at the welcome reception, but once the tour gets going and there is more opportunity to meet and talk to people, I have never had a problem. Most people on these tours are very nice and welcoming, so hopefully you will have a similar experience. There may be certain parts of the tour where you will be by yourself, but overall you will likely be in good company.

    I have not taken the specific tour you mention, but I am sure it will be great. Have fun!

  • The "large party" factor can affect any tour. Our England Scotland Wales tour had 28 people (although was initially sold out) of which there was a family of 8 and 10 couples. They seemed pleasant but mostly had little to do with the rest of the tour group, always had to sit together (even if it meant moving others) and always were in the same local tour group. Other than the being moved situation, it mostly ended up with a fun small group tour of the 10 couples. We all had a blast. Small group for the price of a regular tour.
    Our Ireland tour had 2 solo travelers traveling together. We all welcomed them into our circle.

  • Yes indeed. Singles are great, big groups are not, they really mess up the usual flow of a tour.

  • Thank y’all so, so much for your really helpful comments. It sounds like there might be other solo travelers with whom I can eat or tour when the group doesn’t have specific plans. This is my first solo tour and I’ve been researching what to do when alone, but maybe I won’t need to always venture out by myself.

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    I wish Tauck would sale the private/custom-private departure tour idea to these families/friends traveling together groups.. they always stay apart of the rest of the group anyways and have the tendency to let everyone else know.. they are not interested in interacting ( bad manners) with the rest of the people. I have this experience with a group of 4 in my India tour... how anoying! and not only they would'nt say hello to anyone, but they would always throw a fit! and would try to boycott the visits if they didn't like an activity.... ( of course... money doesn't buy you class) :))

  • Hi Thomas.. now to answer your question, a good TD normally tries to integrate the single travelers to the group or at least with the other single fellows... no worries Tauck is very good at this practice.... and in most cases the singles end up mingiling .... so go and enjoy ! I love to travel solo... with them, Tauck pampers you all the way.

  • I have gone on 5 Tauck trips with a group of 5. I have traveled solo on 1 trip (I felt very comfortable and treated warmly by the bulk of the other travelers). Part of the fun of the trip is meeting interesting people. I/we have always mixed and engaged with the group at large ... but we always ask Tauck if there are any large groups booked on the tour prior to booking. We try to avoid large groups!
    Go and enjoy!!

  • I've been traveling solo with Tauck since 2007 and always found friendly people to enjoy time with I have actually met a couple and 2 other solos and we have done 2 trips together and hopefully one more in 2021.

  • Mil not a problem, but just wanted you to know you are responding to old threads. Many of the participants may no longer be visiting the forum.

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    lolo!! Thanks AlanS
    Yes, you're right... it's and old one, but I was bored yesterday @ work and sometimes ... at least I do
    like to read old ones because you can always get some xtra info.
    Have a great weekend.:))

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