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  • An extract from the South Africa: An Elegant Adventure website.

  • This is Steve. Sam that is also my recollection.

    Back to photography and the original question. What you take mainly depends on how serious you are about photography. I would not buy a new camera and take it without considerable practice. I found many of the best answers on what cameras/lens to take on the various photo sites on the web. I am a serious amateur so photography and good equipment was important to me. I already answered what I took and plan to take the same kit to Australia in February.

    I did not put my photo equipment in our checked luggage with the exception of the tripod which weighs 5 pounds and I broke it down to two parts putting half of it in each checked bag. My camera bag with all listed equipment weighed 12.5 pounds and counted as my carry on. Our laptop weighs 4.5 pounds and was in a backpack with binoculars and a few other things weighing probably around 10 pounds. The laptop is small but powerful, a Dell XPS 15 with a 4 TB SSD with the complete Adobe Photography Package loaded on it. We also have approximately 2 TB of photos.

    The 100-400 seems to be the lens of choice on most photo sites for trips to Africa, The Canon 100-400L IS II has a four stop advantage. If you have a steady hand, you can easily get a sharp picture at 1/100.

    We also print large pictures. We printed 5, 20x30 photos, 3 11x14s, a 13x19 and 15 8x10s as well as several smaller prints. So, you need to determine if you will be printing or just sharing photos on the web.

    There are no wrong answers on what to take. It is just a matter of priorities and your comfort level with cameras.

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