Cuba with Tauck!

We ventured on the Tauck Cuba tour March 30th and had a wonderful experience all around. This was our 3rd Tauck tour (China and Danube riverboat prior) so we had no qualms about the trip at all. Tauck does everything so well and thinks of just about everything.

Our tour directory, Ronny, was the best, and we always felt safe, well informed, and VERY well fed! We were surprised at the high quality of the restaurants (both state and privately owned) and most meals were accompanied by live music - a real treat! The Melia Habana is a beautiful hotel with all the amenities, very large rooms overlooking the Gulf and many good restaurants. We were quite surprised and pleased. The tour buses were top notch, cold bottled water was always available on the bus (we did not drink the local water) and no one got sick on our tour.

Every day was jam packed with activities, but we were there to see Cuba, not relax by the pool, so we were very pleased. There is one afternoon that you have a couple of hours to sit after lunch, or the pool at the hotel which was a welcomed break in the busy week. We felt we had a wonderful view of life in Cuba and met some amazing artists, musicians, and toured all of the Hemingway sites on the island as well. Tauck included a couple of their usual "surprises" which were amazing, but I'm sworn to secrecy! You will have to go on the trip to discover them!

We found the people in Cuba to be patient, happy, smiling....they deal very well with a very difficult situation and are to be admired. They welcomed us and we appreciated all their once and still beautiful country had to offer.

If you are curious at all about Cuba and want to see the most amazing old cars in one place, every color of the rainbow....if you grew up in the 60's as we did and are curious to see all the sites where events of those days took place....go to Cuba!

Happy to answer any questions at all about the trip. It was wonderful. Thank you Tauck! Classic Italy next!!
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