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Has anyone out there started their Peru trip early? We're heading to Lima on May 20th and are hoping to hire a private guide for the 21st and day of the 22nd. We would like suggestions of what to do in and Lima prior to the tour?



  • We are arriving in Lima on the 20th and are also looking for suggestions on what to do prior to the start of the tour.
  • We're also leaving on the 20th, arriving late, and we'd be interested in hiring a guide for the 21st also -- we haven't had a chance to fully explore the possibilities. I did find some interesting excursions on Viator, even half-day ones. I wouldn't want to cross over anything we'll see on the trip though. If anyone has suggestions, please advise.
  • We took this trip a year ago and it was great. We made arrangments at the hotel for a priviate guide and it worked very well. Let the guide know where Tauck is goiing to take you and they will show you the rest of the city.
  • Great idea, Parr, thank you.

    Did you by any chance go to the catacombs/underground tunnels at San Francisco Church? or to Casa Luna to view the nativity scenes collection? I was thinking of visiting a couple of the neighborhoods, such as Barranco also.
  • Just returned from the Peru Galapagos trip. We had two extra days in Lima and scheduled a local tour to see the catacombs, Parque de Amor, and other local sites not included. We opted to be foodies in Lima and scheduled a cooking class with Sky Kitchen as well as eating at Astrid y Gaston and at Central Restaurant which is only a pleasant two block walk from the hotel. Both are high end restaurants with internationally known chefs. A less expensive but very good lunch was enjoyed at Pampa de Amancaes which is also two or three blocks away.
  • Wallachi:
    Did you get the Yellow Fever vaccination before you went on this Peru Galapagos trip?
  • We already had yellow fever vaccinations from a previous trip, but they would not be necessary. Lima and Cusco and Machu Picchu were not listed as problem areas in World Health travel book. DEET wipes were helpful for scarce insects in a couple of mangrove areas in Galapagos and for infrequent "no-see-ums" at Machu Picchu.
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