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    Given that everyone over 16 is now eligible for the vaccine in every state and that the demand is being met well, by the time we see tours begin in earnest, only those who are vaccine deniers or a very few with medical complications preventing being vaccinated will be unvaccinated. I don't want to travel with any of the former. A few, documented in the latter category would bother me (too much).

  • Of course the un-vaccinated are the ones most at risk within the group. Can't imagine too many people would put themselves in the position of catching the virus and being hospitalized in a foreign country. Especially if you had to shoulder the costs.

  • This did not happen on a Tauck tour, but our tour director told us about a woman on one of his tours who had a serious illness and did not declare it on the medical form you have to complete for that tour company. I won’t go in to details, and she almost died and probably would have done if there had not been a nurse on the tour who helped out. Her son was contacted and refused to collect her when she was well enough for return home. He said she never should have gone.
    So do I believe that people would go on vacation saying they were vaccinated when they were not? Yes I do.

  • Didn't say it was impossible just not likely given the high costs involved especially for overseas tours. Just like people who ignore the very clear guidance on tour physical requirements then expect everyone to accommodate them.

  • I've chatted with a number of people who haven't yet to or won't get vaccinated. They have many irrational justifications, such as:
    Oh, I never get sick
    The vaccine is worse than the disease and is too risky

    You can't reason with people like that.

  • Some of u folks cease to amaze me how so many people can' live in fear' and believe the CDC and WHO. I know so many Doctors who laugh at these Orgs. My wife, who is in the medical field, plan on travelling as much as we can. Hope we see some of u.

  • Hi Wildcat, I would like to travel as much as I can and have done so. The point is, there are many countries that will not let Americans in right now! Many are the ones we had booked, Scandinavia, Israel and Jordan, Italy, Croatia, Japan, Singapore. We are going to travel in the US, starting next week, now we are finally fully vaccinated. Please let us know where you manage to get to visit in the next few months, how you get the flights and how you cope with testing rules and quarantine rules etc.Any tips would be appreciated by many folks here.

  • We are scheduled to be on the Bridges Blue Danube: Family Adventure tour that departs July 1. Anyone here have a Tauck trip around the same time that has been cancelled? Thank you!

  • @ JennyMiller - We were on the Bridges Blue Danube: Family Adventure on July 22 Westbound - that was cancelled due the boat availability. So now we are on the July 22 Eastbound. Given the EU appears to be ready to open up to Vaccinated American Tourists, I can only assume Tauck is chomping at the bit to run these cruises too!

  • Thanks, dogdoctor. I'm curious too because I'm reading that Europe will want vaccinated people (no problem for my husband & myself), but there is no Covid vaccine for children and our son is 12 years old. I did see an article that said vaccinated adults can travel to Europe, but you cannot bring unvaccinated children. I called Tauck yesterday - the agent said notification if our July 1 trip is a go or cancelled should happen on or before May 3 - next week. All Tauck trips in Europe are cancelled up to June 30 departures at this point.

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    I just received an email from Ponant stating that when they resume sailing they will be accepting only vaccinated guests that comply with a list of protocols. Windstar has a similar policy. So it appears that if you want to do a ‘Small Ship’ tour, you will have to be vaccinated.

  • The lead post in this string, from Tauck_Emily, refers to important policy adjustments effective August 6. But I can’t find anything to that effect in the April 27 Updated Travel Policy. What am I missing?

  • That post was started in August 2020. The 27 April 2021 update has the most current information.

  • Yes, and not very helpful for those who have JULY dates and full payments coming up in a couple of weeks.

  • @JennyMiller - one has to assume that given the state of vaccines (currently 16y and older - but I suspect by August we'll have a vaccine for the 12-16y group), combined with the very low infection/transmission rate for young kids, combined with the fact that the adults in your party will have to be vaccinated (making your kids a very very low risk) and finally combined with how some countries like Iceland are handling travelers that at 16y and younger - I feel that we will eligible to travel to Europe with our kids not vaccinated. Now what in reality will happen, I don't know. But I'm more optimistic about our trips going this week that I was for the past year! My daughter is 14, and my son will be 11 when and if we go on the Cruise. Fingers Crossed!

  • I got the news today....our Tauck Bridges Blue Danube Adventure departing from Budapest on July 1 has been cancelled. Because Tauck had cancelled a 2020 trip and given us credits toward future travel last year, they did not offer any type of credit/incentive to rebook with them. We do have some "credits" from 2018 and the cancelled 2020 trip. Anyone else find out today their trip was cancelled?

  • The Tauck update page now says all European tours are cancelled up to July 15th.....so our tour is a few days after that...so we remain waiting for it to be canceled.
    Jenny, I’m glad you brought up that Tauck did not offer you extra credits because they had already given them to you once, because that is what I understood they meant last year when our tours were cancelled. At that time, we asked for our deposit back and asked for the $250 incentive to go into the travel wallet for when we next book a tour. We gambled on this by not getting the $500 most people seemed to decide on by Re-booking. I do hope our travel wallet still has that money in it when we rebook as well as the Dreamsaver which has several insurances in it, I think 6.
    We made a fresh booking for Singapore Bali in September 2022 a few months ago, my husband really wants to do that tour. Tauck would not let us use money from the wallet then, if I remembered correctly it was because the tour had not been finalized. It did not please us, but we still booked it.

  • Dog doctor, I’m not sure why you think your kids are less likely to get Covid, especially if they have been in school. Numbers for children are increasing. When you go to Europe they are definitely more likely to be exposed and be symptomless. What happens if they get a positive test before you fly back to the US? Please don’t bring another variant back to the US before my young grandchildren can get vaccinated

  • British
    "The Tauck update page now says all European tours are cancelled up to July 15th.....so our tour is a few days after that...so we remain waiting for it to be canceled.+

    I actually floated the idea with my wife and our two friends we were traveling with to switch back from 2022 to the 24 June 2021 Treasures of the Aegean (the once exception to cancellations) since there are spaces, but I was outvoted. :/

    ". . . . At that time, we asked for our deposit back and asked for the $250 incentive to go into the travel wallet for when we next book a tour. We gambled on this by not getting the $500 most people seemed to decide on by Re-booking. I do hope our travel wallet still has that money in it when we rebook . . . . . "

    What did they say about putting the $250 incentive in a travel wallet? If they didn't answer, don't count on them offering it when you eventually get around to re-booking. because technically since you got your deposit back, the next one won't be a re-booking it will be a new booking. The "incentive" is only offered for the new trip being booked at the time the previous trip is cancelled. It is an incentive, a discount on the price of the trip when you re-book, and not real wallet "money" that gets forwarded a second time. You may be offered a new "incentive" when you eventually book, but I think that is doubtful, since it was a temporary thing to get you to re-book immediately- use it or lose it when the previous trip is cancelled. I'll be curious to see what actually happens.

  • Who knows Alan, we could hardly have booked another tour the first time we had a tour cancelled since we already had about four more booked. What do they expect of us! Admittedly, it’s not as many as the six tours we did one year, but we are probably up there with some of their most returning customers.

  • You are perhaps like a fellow traveller I met on Windstar last year. We were talking about our Windstar cruises and he asked how many I had done. i said, I think fifteen (thinking that was a lot). He said, this is my 150th Windstar cruise. Now that is a loyal customer.

  • On another topic, children on the small boat trips. I have received info from both Ponant and Windstar that said ‘all’ passengers must be vaccinated. I saw no exceptions, and one of them did apologize for not being able to have children as guests at this time. So at least in the near term, I would recommend doing some research.

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