Tauck's Updated Travel Policy (March 3, 2021)

There have been many questions, comments and concerns about the Coronavirus in these forums over the past few weeks. Please know that Tauck’s experienced and dedicated Global Response Team, committed to the care of our guests, has been monitoring and meeting regularly to review this ever-changing situation. We appreciate your patience while we work on the best possible solutions for those guests impacted, and those who may be impacted in the future. As always, the health and wellbeing of our guests, and the health and wellbeing of our employees around the world, are Tauck’s very highest priorities. To that end, Tauck would like to share some important policy adjustments, effective August 6, that will allow us to serve our guests more effectively at this time https://tauck.com/travel-updates

*March 3rd Update - Final payment for all scheduled April 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021 Tauck land tours and cruises is now due 30 days prior to departure



  • Emily - it would be nice if you posted a changelog or what's been updated in the Travel policy updates.

  • Thanks again, Emily, for the update. I hope you were not impacted by the massive power outage. Warm regards to the entire Tauck team.

  • It has been well over 2 weeks since the last update reference travel over Christmas so please let us have a more current update. Thank you!

  • Trying not to be rude but what is the plan over Christmas??

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    Tauck does not monitor the forum regularly. Call them

  • Having just read Tauck's newly released required traveler "Travel Well Pledge" and "Waiver for Liability for COVID 19", makes my decision to cancel an upcoming trip easy, as under no circumstances will I sign or travel subject to these policies.

  • My guess is this will become the norm with all travel tours.

  • That seems likely. It will also be a significant disincentive to many potential travelers, keeping them on the sidelines, myself included.

  • From a business standpoint, travel companies do not have complete control over Covid and I understand that they need to protect themselves. It will be a disincentive for some but the The Travel Well Pledge encourages personal responsibility which, if adhered to, may be a positive.

  • I have had to sign several documents recently to say that if I get Covid, I can’t make a claim on the company, or in the Dr or dentist office. We already sign documents with Tauck when we sign waivers for things like balloon rides. I’m more concerned, that if we require treatment for Covid on a Tauck tour, that there is an insurance to cover it, which they don’t seem to offer right now.

  • Remember, too, that waivers are almost always held invalid in protecting a vendor from gross negligence.

    We expect to have to sign waivers before we travel again (as we frequently have for potentially riskier activities like the hot-air balloon flight with Tauck on K&T). But, as always, we will be paying attention and looking out for ourselves and not just depending on the tour company to provide an absolutely safe environment.

  • To me the waiver is a bit of a side issue. The important decision is whether one wants to travel while there is no vaccine, and whether all of the precautions and anxieties outweigh the travel experience. The travel product that is being offerred isn't the same one we put down our deposits for, if we signed up before the outbreak. I wonder what proportion of folks fall on each side of that issue.

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    We all have different opinions, beliefs and risk levels. For me, I am not the least bit offended by being asked to "certify" that I will abide by certain common sense protocols to mitigate the risk of contracting COVID-19 as travel resumes. Of course I shall wear a mask, wash my hands frequently and distance myself. I will do this to protect myself, my family, my friends, my future Tauck travelers and Tauck staff. It is not intrusive; it is common sense.

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    I am not sure what "the travel product being offered isn't the same one we put down our deposits for" means. Tauck has been more than gracious in their cancelation policies. What trip(s) has Tauck confirmed will proceed? I know of none.

  • The travel product will certainly not be the same as it would have been pre-pandemic. All trip aspects from social interaction, dining, sightseeing, recreational activities, etc. will be severely curtailed by restrictions. The "travel well" pledge may be shared by your fellow Tauck travelers, but in the course of your travels you will come into contact with scores of people, many of whom are unlikely to adhere to such safety protocols.

  • Thanks Calaf, that is what I meant -- when we placed our deposit, pre-Covid, the anticipation was the usual great, Tauck, unrestricted, care-free tour. And, many of us are older folks with underlying medical conditions, which also increases our risk, and presents, surely, the anxiety provoking possibility of having to obtain adequate medical treatment in a facility in a foreign country that does not speak English. I wouldn't be as concerned if we were twenty-somethings. LOL.

    At any rate, I called Tauck this morning to discuss our options, and the handling of the Guest Protection fees.

  • This has been updated. I’m relieved to read that Dreamsaver funds can now be used up until December 2022.

  • I wonder what traveling solo will be like with these restrictions. I've traveled alone pre-COVID, often eating and sightseeing with people I met on the trips. I wonder how much socializing will occur among strangers in a tour group.

  • The most likely answer is that there will be very limited, if any, social interaction. Why would you even want to spend your money to travel subject to these crushing restrictions? The experience will be miserable.

  • You sell your travel protection policy as insurance to protect the traveler in case he or she has to cancel. When it is Tauck that cancels the trip, it should be Tauck that bears the cost of that cancellation, not the travelers. When you canceled my trip to Japan that was scheduled for April, you notified me that you would not refund the cost of the Travel Protection. That is unfair, unreasonable, and a unilateral decision that I would never agree to. I’m surprised by such a negative customer relations decision. It will terminate my relationship with Tauck, which is a sad outcome. I have taken many trips with you, but will not do that again. You have lost my confidence.

  • Dave8816- You do realize, you don't lose the premium? Tauck won't (or contractually can't?) refund it per se, but puts it in a Dreamsaver account for you. You can use the Dreamsaver funds for ANY Tauck purchase. So, you haven't lost this money unless you decide to never travel with Tauck again.

  • When are insurance premiums ever refunded? I didn't have my health insurance premiums refunded because I didn't use any medical services this year.

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    American Airlines cancelled my flights due to covid and I got a full refund from them and also for the travel insurance premium from Allianz.

  • I don’t expect a refund of the insurance premium if I have no need to use the insurance. Also don’t expect a refund if I cancel the trip. I do expect a refund if the travel company cancels the trip. So the analogies presented by others are not on point. Tauck is making a big mistake by shifting the cost of their cancellation to the customer. The fact that they will allow me to have credit does not change anything. I wouldn’t accept that answer from any company that cancelled my contract with them.

  • Dave, you are lucky you have only ‘lost’ one insurance, I will have lost four by the end of July when my next two tours have been cancellations by Tauck. BUT......Tauck is the same as any other travel company, in fact, they are being more generous than most.....and after all, they are a company and have to at least break even to remain. Their insurance is also much cheaper than the two other travel companies I have toured with, at least half the price.
    Last March, I was on a three week tour with another company which got terminated due to the Pandemic after just a few days. The insurance with them was more than double the cost of Tauck”s insurance and we had to fight with that insured company to get any refund for the terminated tour. Like I say, I’m not happy not to get the insurance back from Tauck but it is just how it works and the Pandemic was not their fault. I’m just hoping they stay in business and I stay alive so I can travel with them again.
    Unfortunately, the US is unlikely to get back to normal until we get herd immunity here, which judging by what is being said by anti vaccination people, might never happen to us. We are not going to be able to to able to travel out of the country.

  • I have a different take on this that may not be palatable to some fellow travelers. Travel insurance is never refundable. Period. Moreover, I don't understand why this comes as a surprise to some when Tauck makes their policies very clear up front. The policies are in their brochures and on their website and have always been there. It is disingenuous to imply that Tauck is being less than honest with their customers. British is very correct when she states how generous Tauck has been throughout this horrific pandemic.

    Best wishes to all for a return to Tauck travel in 2021.

  • Dave might have a point IF this was a case of Tauck just deciding they didn't want to continue providing the tour based on their own benefit. But they are dealing with a circumstance beyond their control. The old "acts of god" caveat.

    In some areas Tauck probably limited their losses from the disruption caused by covid and the canceled tours but I doubt they eliminated all. I'm talking about vendors/partners they have to pay to make tours happen. So they've lost revenue and likely more. Keeping my money there and hoping for better times feels like the best bet. I don't want to see them fold.

  • Sorry guys but I have to agree with Dave Your thinking is fallacious. This is not about being “ lucky” to have only lost one insurance or contributing the cost of insurance to “help Tauck out”. And certainly not getting back insurance premiums when you don’t have a claim is completely off the mark. When we purchase insurance it is protect us if for some reason we are unable to go on the trip. If the trip is cancelled by Tauck or government mandate then by default the insurance is also cancelled and the cost needs to be returned along with any monies paid for the trip. Tauck can certainly protect itself by buying insurance, it is not the place of the client to help defray their losses. If you were to book a reception hall for a wedding or other affair and put down a deposit you would certainly expect it to be returned if the event couldn’t be held due to coronavirus and not be told that they were holding it as a credit for another date in the future. No one wants to see Tauck sustain large financial loses or potentially go out of business but as Dave says, this is not the way to do it. I certainly wouldn’t object to those of you contributing you premiums to Tauck if you want to help them out.

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