Tauck's Updated Travel Policy (July 29, 2021)



  • Yes, some will object, but I personally think it's fantastic!

  • Since August is just a couple of days away, I wonder how many Tauck travelers were not vaccinated and will have to cancel?

  • I'm all for it. However, it would be nice and make entry much quicker and easier if these places would accept a Tauck group cert from the TD, instead of each individual showing their own. Maybe that is what they will do.

  • My hope is that when the group is on its own - on the Tauck bus or private hotel dining room - we won't have to wear masks. And yes, it would be helpful if the TD checks documents once at the start then vouches for the group when entering museums, etc requiring vaccine proof.

    I did read that the French are working to make it easier for Americans to use their digital pass fairly soon. Some rumors that pharmacies will do this if you bring in your CDC card.

  • Finally….. Thanks for sharing Claudia…. Hoping the same will eventually go for the rest of the Tauck tours. We just changed our K&T from SEP 2021 to 2022. No trouble at all since we were double booked and used Tauck air. The sooner we get with the program the sooner we can all enjoy traveling again to far away places.

  • Yes Yes YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • On our recent Windstar trip, everyone wore masks on the buses, but we did not wear masks on excursion boats, or beaches, or other outdoor places. Most of the employees wore masks all of the time, except for the “Tour Escorts”, who were having just as much fun as the rest of us. No one wore masks in the hot tubs, or pools, etc. All of the entertainment venues on the ship were ‘maskless’, as everyone had a drink in front of them even if it was just water. The waiters wore masks even though they were all vaccinated. As said before, when I told them I was a ‘lip reader’ they would lower their mask so I could understand them.

  • We are on the Sicilian Odyssey starting 9/19th and never received that email?! We are glad they imposed the requirement and hope we have no masks on the buses and at meals at least. The Delta surge concerns me if that causes a pull back and cancellation again! I am ready to travel....

  • The way things are being reported now on the media, I should think Tauck will want masks on the buses for their own peace of minds, never mind what the countries policy is. My husband will still not travel outside the US. We have faith in the vaccine but not in the changing requirements everywhere you turn.
    We are off to the beach today for the week with family.

  • This is really an awesome travel policy!

    I think is really an good steps taken-up!

  • Today’s announcement from Mayor’s office: New York City will require proof of vaccination for workers as well as people participating in indoor activities, including at restaurants, gyms and performances. The policy is similar to mandates issued in France and Italy last month and is believed to be the first of its kind in the United States.
    Hopefully other cities/countries will follow this policy as well.

  • We have booked the Grand New England tour beginning Oct. 7, 2021. COVID-19 is ramping up again. I understand that domestic guests and Tauck Directors are NOT required to have vaccinations. Both Drs. Fauci and Collins supported mandated vaccinations or regular testing last Sunday morning on the NBC and ABC morning news TV shows. The President of the United States has required that all government employees have a COVID vaccination or submit to frequent testing. We think it is negligent for Tauck not to have more stringent requirements for travel. COVID-19 is on the upswing and I would like for Tauck to respond to this recent surge. Although we are both vaccinated, we won't feel comfortable on the New England trip under Tauck's current policies for COVID-19 vaccinations. Please respond. We find that your website does not provide much comfort or timely information. Your website says Do Not Call. Our Travel Agent hasn't had much success either. Thank you.

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    RBG, Tauck does not monitor this forum on a regular basis.
    I am also surprised that Tauck has not asked that all their customers are vaccinated as other top tour companies have asked. Maybe when the vaccines are no longer classed as just for emergency use, they will change it. The CDC appears to have the final say after the FDA approval.
    If you feel you need to call Tauck you should, most other people seem to call anyway. I’m surprised your travel agent did not get a reply.
    Tauck will of course let you cancel without penalty.
    We are heading to New England at the end of September on an independent trip, staying in one location and traveling daily from there. We have more control of our surroundings that way.

  • British, have you considered stopping by Wilton Woods to say hi? :D

  • I'm waiting to see how they are going to enforce all of these mandates. I can see a big market developing for fake COVID shot cards/passports. We can't even stop counterfeiters from producing fake drivers' licenses, passports, bank cards, etc. I think someone in the current administration suggested we use the "honor system." o:) How does that work for all of those people drinking underage, traveling with fake identification, stealing identities? My COVID shot card is just a piece of paper. No holograms, pictures, emblems, government embossments, etc. >:) I haven't looked, but I don't even think it has any official seals or signatures. (I'll check.) It'll be harder to go to a bar or to the gym than come in the country through the southern border. B) Somehow using NY City as the role model for all of this seems rather humorus.

  • In NJ, there is an app (Docket) that provides a secure and verifiable digital copy of my COVID-19 vaccination record. … to me, this is a far better system than an easily replicated paper card. I know NY has a similar system (Excelsior). This is the wave of the future!

  • Some places already have access to digital vaccination files and many states are working on statewide databases and verification programs- California is close. It is a State and Federal crime. If you are caught with one in the US, depending on the specifics, and what state, you could be fined up to $5000 and receive up to 5 years in the pokey.- so why chance it- get the poke! "Two airline passengers entering Canada from the United States were fined nearly $16,000 each ($20,000 cdn) for submitting fake vaccination cards and Covid-19 test results, officials said."

    Customs has been seizing boxes of fakes coming in from China. Many were of poor image quality and had spelling errors, too!

  • Unfortunately there will always be those who will figure out how to game the system. I was at a social event recently (60 guests) - and 2 couples proudly strutted around without a mask and bragged that they had fake Covid immunization cards! I was very unhappy and avoided them like the plaque. We need verifiable State databases plus a system to check the digital records prior to entry into a business, restaurant, etc.

  • Getting into this here is not really what I want to do. However, when folks talk about NY and NJ policies being effective in controlling COVID, and that they are the "wave of the future," I can't sit quietly by listening to that. I wonder what percentage of people will have a digital COVID record? Not many. Digital does not mean it can't be replicated?

    Do I need one of those cards if I had COVID and have a natural immunity? (For the sake of openness, I have not had COVID, but have had the shots.) I think people who haven't had COVID should get the vaccines.

    However, this is not just a simple get a shot, get a card, wear a mask (we've spent $42 BILLION on COVID and COVID related research and still don't have any solid results on masks). As of August 11, 2021 there have been 30 deaths of children aged 0-18 (0.0% of California's population--it is immeasurable and it doesn't discuss how many CA kids died of the regular flu during this time) who died from COVID. I don't see where the California CDC states how many of these children had other serious illnesses in that cohort. https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC

    According to some research (and I am purposefully not including the word "good"), masks seem to be #5 on the list for effectiveness. I don't think we really know. The French and Italians are also not high on my list of being proactive on this. Philadelphia obviously disagrees with that since they are demanding all government employees must DOUBLE mask on the job. Maybe that is to make up for the more than 2,000,000 immigrants flooding through the southern border the past seven months who are not wearing any masks and are testing positive for COVID.

    This situation isn't a minor thing. Public policies that dictate private policies are important to us, as travelers. I respect peoples' opinions on this but the policy makers seem to think they are the only ones who matter. If you want to wear a mask, or have your child wear a mast, I respect that decision.

    I'm sure this post will be removed from here very quickly, or the discussion will get shut down by Tauck, because some folks here will complain. We see peoples' ideas being removed from public discussion forums....Facebook, Twitter, etc. (I don't even have those accounts.) But, I said my piece and respect anyone's right to speak theirs as well. ;)

  • Whatever our views are, everyone on this forum is a Tauck traveler. Unless Covid mitigation improves in the US, be it from everything from mask wearing, vaccination, social distancing, lockdowns, whatever….our freedom to travel everywhere we want to travel is doomed.

  • NancyCohen - Thanks for mentioning Docket for NJ. I just signed up. Took less than 5 minutes.

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    Spread the news!! Contrary to NDVB’s comments, Docket and others provides a SECURE link. It bases its data on the medical records from the site of the vaccination. And NJ and NY are not the only states with these programs; I am just familiar with them because I live in that area!

    With the rise of fake Covid vaccine cards, the Covid naysayers must see a benefit in alleging vaccine coverage, And so, there should be incentives and freedoms to those who have stepped up to the vaccine and done the right them for themselves and their neighbors. But at the end of the day when they become infected and perhaps hospitalized and perhaps on death’s door, many see the light. This isn’t a political issue: it’s a health issue.

  • Short and sweet. I have taken the shot. I did it of my own free will. People currently getting seriously ill from the Delta strain seem to almost all be folks not have been vaccinated. The assumption (you know what assuming does to you) is these people have a political agenda. When I see interviews with them they seem to just not have the time, or don't think they need it? Not really political threats. Alan, I agree with you...taking this to the point of physical threats and harm is absurd. But, I won't get into the folks who threatened and harmed large numbers of people and amounts of property in the "Summer of Love" or the folks shooting people in broad daylight in many large cities. Oops, I guess I did get into it...sorry. :#

    We've been bombarded by the "follow the science" crew (be they politicians, pharma, CDC, "Star Trek," etc.) who don't actually follow any consistent "science." Mostly, because we don't really either know what the science is or the science is manipulated for a political goal. Masks are marginally successful, at best. Which is why there is no valid "medical" reason that they have to be used. But, I am not anti-mask. If you want to wear a mask it is your choice. In fact, following the minute amount of "mask science," the cure maybe as harmful as the disease. But it should be a choice, not mandated. For some, it doesn't even need to be a choice, so the "science" says. Their immunity from having the disease is protecting them and us. If it makes you feel protected then do it. A lot of the science is anecdotal, which is the worse kind of science. Just look, specifically, at the CDC and Dr. Fauci. Masks are good, masks are not necessary, masks should be doubled, those who had the shot don't need the masks, those who had the disease don't need the masks, everyone needs a mask, kids don't need a mask, all kids should wear a mask, I'm Speaker of the House I don't need a mask unless the public can see me, I'm a former president I don't need a mask for my huge birthday party. This sounds more like grab-ass than science.

    If we were really interested in "an abundance of caution," or or to paraphrase it, "for the greater good," we wouldn't be allowing millions of people to walk across our border, many infected by the disease everyone is petrified of, and be shuttled to cities and towns all over the country without being tested or vaccinated. The cure here: 1. close the border, or 2. test and vaccinate these folks (that should cover all the political agendas).

    British is right, whatever our views, this situation is certainly curbing peoples' ability to travel. However, maybe that is selfish for a small group and not for "the greater good" as well. I don't know what the Docket is, but I assume it is some sort of digital registration and digital card for shot takers. That sounds better than the card I have, but I remind you that every identification card or method we have for identification can be easily faked. The good news, Nancy and BSP51, is most of us are honest, have taken our shots, and don't need to falsify that sort of document.

    So much for short and sweet. Sorry. ;)

  • ndvb - The concern is not us “honest” folks, but those who want to game the system or just blatantly protest getting the vaccine and masking. In other words, my concern is for those who do not have the human decency to protect others as well as themselves.

  • Tauck needs to update Travel Policies based on current events:

    Updated by The Associated Press
    21 minutes ago (9:52 CST, 08152021)

    BOSTON — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Sunday that every county in the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts are the site of high or substantial transmission of the coronavirus.

    The rise of transmission in the two states mirrors a nationwide and regional trend.
    Some health authorities are recommending that even vaccinated people go back to wearing masks indoors in areas of high or substantial transmission. That includes almost all of New England. The CDC reported that every county in the six-state region was the site of high or substantial transmission on Sunday except Orange County, Vermont, and Kennebec County, Maine.
    In Connecticut, New London, New Haven, Middlesex and Hartford counties were the site of high transmission and the other four counties in the state were listed in the substantial category. In Massachusetts, Suffolk, Nantucket, Dukes, Plymouth, Bristol, Essex, Hampden and Berkshire counties were the site of high transmission and the other six counties in the state were substantial.

  • So much more I could say in response, like what interviews, by who, (Tucker and crew, OAN, Newsmax)? Every non-vaxxer and non-masker in every single interview I've read or watched says one, or more of the following, "they are trying to take away my freedom," "I don't want the 'government' (incl CDC and FDA) telling me what to do," "I can't breathe," "it is too dangerous," "it hasn't been tested enough" (despite over 150 million shots given), etc., etc.and I won't even include the responses about Bill Gates, nano-bots, etc. by conspiracy theorists and the real nut jobs.

    As promised, my previous post is gone.

    This post will self destruct in 1 day or less.

  • Alan, I stand with you. I feel as if the only people who are still wearing masks are the vaccinated. The unvaccinated have taken away my freedom to live a full life - including my pursuing career, my interests and my travels.

  • i equate the unvaccinated with mosquitos or tsetse flies. They are small-brained disease vectors.

    It's good that I am retired from medicine, as I would not want to care for the unvaccinated. To me, it's no different than the patient I was assigned as an intern - A Nazi war criminal fighting deportation. I asked to be removed from his care and was.

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