Where and on what trip was your favorite Tauck Farewell Dinner or Event ?



  • Hey Alan, I’ve told you before, I make the best sticky toffee pudding ever!

  • My favorite event was a private tour of the Vatican and spending time in the Sistine Chapel without the normal crowds. You could really appreciate the art and take time to walk around and view it from a number of angles. And shhh...they let us take pictures!

    A Week in Venice, Florence and Rome.

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    The best for us was England, Scotland, and Wales, our first Tauck tour- we had a "two-fer"!

    The welcome dinner was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh with the bagpiper and Robert Burns ode to haggis ceremony (see pics earlier in this thread) and the farewell dinner was in one of the circular wall towers (Wakefield Tower?) in the Tower of London (not held there any more). Afterward we observed the "Ceremony of the Keys."

    Rachel and Ron our TDs

    Earlier in the day Ron dined in a local luncheonette with his good "friend."

  • CathyandSteve: “Your dinner” was also ‘our’ dinner pictured on page one. I’m actually not that fond of ‘farewell’ dinners. The party is over. I’ve actually been to several that represented the low points of Tauck’s considerable organizational skills.

  • Since our first river cruise they've kind of changed things. Sometimes the welcome reception is on the first night, sometimes the second. We've had a couple of farewell dinners with a big deal about the menu, presentation, etc. But now instead of the farewell, they've gone to a Chef's Signature dinner a night or two before you leave. Our last, the Budapest to Amsterdam, we received a fancy color booklet of recipes. They've never really done the Captains Dinner sort of thing as the big ships used to do.

    I guess we've been lucky that all our farewell dinners have been nice even if not the most memorable meals. The best in some ways was the end of ESW when all the couples who didn't have early flights went to the American Bar in the Savoy after the meal because we weren't ready to end it all. The pianist tried to drown the noisy americans out but we showed him.

  • My favorite farewell dinner/event was in Prague at the Lobkowicz Palace at the end of the Warsaw to Prague trip. Including a visit to the museum made this evening quite memorable. William Lobkowicz spoke about how his family lost their properties and left Czechoslovakia after occupation by the Germans and then the Russians. His family moved to London and then to the US where he was born, grew up and went to college. When given the opportunity in 1990 to reclaim their properties he decided to pursue it, working to reclaim over 100 properties. He spoke about the change his family encountered when they moved from a spacious home in MA to a small apartment in Prague.

    The museum was a great place to visit. From the artwork to the musical instruments and original scores, it was wonderful!

    The food was secondary to the room where the dinner was held, the talk by Willam Lobkowicz and the museum.

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