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I'm scheduled to go on the grand alaska 18 August 2012 tour. I would like to reserve 2 off shore excursions in Juneau and Ketchikan in advance of the trip. However, I understand that to do so I need to have the ID number for that particular Princess cruise ship (Diamond). When might I expect to receive that ID number? I have already paid for the tour. Thanks in advance.


  • I understand that Princess will not provide a reservation number to Tauck until 30 days before the ship sails, which means that although other Princess cruise passengers can make advance reservations for an offshore excursion, I as a Tauck passenger can not do so. I really would like to make an advance reservation for two offshore excursions: (1) In Juneau - Pilot's Choice Ice Age Exploration (JNU-825) and (20 In Ketchikan - Misty Fjords Wilderness Cruise & Flight (KTN-810). I know that some of these offshore excusions are very popular and I would like to ensure that I can take them when I am on the Grand Alaska 17 August 2012 tour.
  • I'm finding the same issue, Tom. I'm going to be on your same tour - 8/18 - and want to book an excursion in Juneau as well. They only take 12 people on the tour (JNU-870 Brown Bear and Wildlife viewing Expedition) so I'm sure it will book quickly. If I can't book this, then I need to find an independent tour operator that offers a comparable trip. I'm kind of annoyed. Can Tauck provide any assistance?
  • I'm taking the same trip on 7/28/12. I got my paperwork last week .Hope this helps .Have a great trip.I'll tell the grizzlies your coming .
  • I tried to get my booking number earlier ,but just met frustration . When I talked with Tauck & told them I wanted to book a excursion in Juneau, they asked if I didn't think they had enough planned. Seems that they had other activities scheduled that were not on the agenda. I asked if I could get a copy & the said it could not be e-mailed .
    It seems strange they would not give the whole itinerary beforehand so you can book excursions when you want.
    The idea of giving the booking ID 30 days before you leave is also strange.It looks like they don't want you to book excursions on Princess
  • Tylerspapa - are you actually taking the Brown Bear tour? I would certainly be interested in hearing about it. I'm working with my local travel agent who has found me a local vendor who does a similar trip to Pack Creek. It's more expensive, but may be more "local" Alaska. Still debating. And in reply to Tauck - They do a great job of providing interesting activities (although not listing them all is somewhat odd). But if I have a chance to go into the "backcountry" and view the Brown Bears - I'm doing it!!!!!
  • Hi ehiggerson-
    Yes I'm taking the black bear KTN-875 in Ketchikan. I wanted to take the KTN-880 because there is no flying. I'm not afraid to fly ,it's just that the weather is so lousy .I was afraid it might be canceled due to bad weather.Unfortunately, they booked quickly & there is just a waiting list.
    On another note a friend told me there is not much to see in Ketchikan that's why I'm booking the excursion in Ketchikan. I'll be back in Vancouver 8/11/12 . Im staying 3 Xtra days to see Vancouver . I plan on updating this post when I'm home 8/15. Unless I can get the internet sooner. I 'll let U know how it goes.
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    tylerspapa - i hope you have a great trip. I just got the princess ID, so I'll be booking this weekend. I wish I could stay longer in Vancover - but have to get back to work eventually :-( I look forward to hearing how the bear trip goes!
  • Will do . I love being retired .Every day is a Saturday
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