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You can see the full list of tours that Tauck is planning on operating in 2021 by visiting this page .


  • All is not lost - There is still hope

    Tauck says ‘We’ll continue to add tours, departure dates and destinations as we evaluate travel requirements and, working with our partners, assess our ability to deliver the Tauck experience you expect’. And just because a trip is not listed, it may still be viable.

  • 2021 Treasures of the Aegean is now open beginning in June for those fully vaccinated.

  • So I looked. Altogether Tauck usually has a disclaimer about changing things, this is more robust

    Tauck pledges to make every effort to operate all tours as published. However, as COVID-19 restrictions and the re-opening plans of our hotel and supplier partners change quickly, we reserve the right to alter the itinerary and/or substitute sightseeing, hotel and/or conveyances as deemed necessary. We will notify booked guests of the final day-by-day details three weeks prior to departure.
    What about flights and availability for testing before returning to the US, do you pay the $150 that Ponant charges on the ship like the Iceland tour?

    PonNt keep sending me emails with many different Antarctica itineraries including entering or leaving Argentina it’s really bad there and still closed.

  • I don't know those answers, British. All I know is that I got an email earlier today listing the open dates for this trip....I was totally surprised...

  • I read this quote from a British minister this morning

    ‘travel at the moment is for the "bold or the desperate"

    I guess that includes many of us Tauck customers

  • British

    Your British minister must not be related to Churchill who had quotes like the following:

    “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”

    “There is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure.”

    “Patience is sorrow’s salve.”

    “Keep buggering on.”

    And my favorite, which I totally agree with:

    “My most brilliant achievement was my ability to persuade my wife to marry me.”

  • Excerpt from BBC

    France has vaccinated 12.4% of its adult population against Covid, BFMTV reports.
    Elsewhere in Europe:
    ■ Denmark's health authority has dropped the Johnson & Johnson vaccine - also known as the Janssen vaccine - from the country's vaccination programme, because of a possible link to rare blood clots. Last month Denmark also dropped the AstraZeneca vaccine for the same reason, yet both have been approved by the EU's medicines regulator
    ■ Germany has cancelled the Munich Oktoberfest - the world's most famous beer festival - for the second year running because of the infection risk
    ■ Bars and restaurants are reopening in Greece for the first time since a lockdown began in November. Customer numbers will be limited but the country's overnight curfew has been shortened by an hour to accommodate evening diners
    ■ On Saturday, Portugal ended its state of emergency, to allow the reopening of land borders with Spain and extended opening hours in shops and restaurants. However, the government has extended travel restrictions for countries with high levels of infections until 16 May
    ■ In the Netherlands the government has postponed a planned easing of the lockdown until 18 May at the earliest, as Covid infections have not dropped as much as had been hoped. Last week a night curfew was lifted and limited outdoor service resumed at eating places. But gyms, zoos and other leisure facilities remain shut for now.

  • In addition, Turkey was put on indefinite lockdown last Thursday due to high infection rates, the highest in Europe. It doesn't look like there will be much travel in Europe in 2021. We have a Classic Italy trip booked for October, Looks very doubtful.

  • Yes, correct. I’m not sure how Tauck will operate Treasures of the Aegean, but they do have the right to change the itinerary. That would be a deal breaker for me, I’ve never been to Turkey.

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    If TOA trip goes, but Windstar and Tauck(?) drop Ephesus, what would they replace it with?!?!?

    It is also too bad they dropped Istanbul a few years ago. I could understand why at the time, but don't understand why it wasn't put back in after things settled down. Everyone on earlier tours seemed to really enjoy Istanbul. Bodrum was dropped and replaced with Patmos possibly at about the same time. With the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and other stuff(?) to see in Bodrum, I think it is a better choice than Patmos. And I'm not sure about swapping Rhodes for Monemvasia. Hopefully, we'll find out in a little over a year from now.

  • AlanS - Each of the places you mentioned that have been dropped/replaced - Istanbul, Bodrum, and Rhodes I really enjoyed. I don't know much about the replacements. Without Ephesus and Istanbul I believe the tour would have been much less diverse. Before it could be characterized as Athens and surrounding area, Greek Isles, Ephesus, and Istanbul. Now it seems like two of the four dimensions have been dropped/replaced.

  • I've been to Istanbul on my own. Definitely a must-see in that part of the world. It would be like visiting the northeast US and skipping NYC.

  • Funny. I saw Istanbul on a ship when we could not go to Egypt due to the turmoil there. So we went to Istanbul and Malta instead of Alexandria.

  • I would have "agreed" with Nancy instead of "liked" her post if it weren't for her loving the Yankees! Red Sox fan here.

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    There was a time when I went to New York every time I went to work. Landed at five, in the hotel by seven, in line at TKTS by seven thirty, in the theater for the eight o’clock show. I saw every show on Broadway. Some of my favorites I saw several times. Then dinner after the show. I could sometimes get tickets from the USO, and I would take the whole crew. I love New York. New York, New York. It was a thirty-six hour layover so I would often have brunch with my daughter in Greenwich Village. That’s a forty-five block walk from Times Squuare.

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    There are great cities - Tokyo, Paris, London, Berlin, Hanoi, Delhi, Boston, Chicago, Sydney, Cairo — and certainly NYC ranks with the best of them. The NY Post does not tell the whole story.

    Addendum: don’t know what happened to the post that had complete disregard for NYC based on the NY POST ... A simple reminder: consider the source

  • I agree that choosing to not visit a city based upon an opinion published in a publication is, well, ridiculous. I am biased, however, since The City was my first home after leaving Kobenhavn many decades ago. How I miss the city that adopted me!

  • Pre Covid, we visited NY a lot, I miss going. Broadway will be back in September! It’s not my favorites city, I’m a Philly girl

  • Well British, you only missed getting that post card from Arusha by less than six weeks. Had we booked a little later we would have made it. If they cancel our Treasures of the Med., we might still make it this year. I talked with them yesterday. Treasures of the Med. is probably a ‘go’, but they won’t talk about it until they are certain. I know Ponant thinks it’s going cuz it is sold out except for the owner’s suite, which they are still trying to sell … $15K per person if anyone is interested.

  • I tried to PM you to see if you had noticed. Do you think you will try to go now?

  • We have another trip scheduled that is probably a ‘go’. If it gets canceled we will look at Africa again.

  • I'm going on the Kenya & Tanzania trip on September 22nd. Can't wait

  • The question is about the group having to quarantine if an unvaccinated member of the group contracts Covid. We have seen by examples that negatively tested and quarantined individuals can still after release have Covid. I’m just not sure why Tauck don’t insist that their customers on land based tours do not have to be vaccinated when those on ships and boats do. I know Tauck is going by the rules of Ponant and whoever now owns the River boats.for those tours. I think they have to tell us what their plan might be.

  • Am scheduled for Italy Small Groups in early October. Honestly, I hope it is cancelled, This all sounds terribly risky, and who wants to travel to Italy if sites are closed, social distancing is enforced and masks need to be worn? Will Tauck allow for a tour to be postponed until 2022 or for a full cancellation?

  • Either. But if you want to go in 2022, you might want to decide now as I assume 2022 dates are already filling up. You might want to ‘Double book’ instead of canceling or delaying your tour as others on the forum have done. Ask carefully about if you might lose the price of your insurance if you cancel rather than Tauck

  • There is nothing to flag the above post for. If you do, you are racist

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    British - The post you reference has nothing to do with the subject of this thread - Tours operating in 2021. Therefore, there is plenty to flag.

    Edited to add - I see it's gone now, so at least 5 people disagreed with you.

  • It wasn't racist but struck me as a "toe in the water" to test whether the forum was monitored.

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