morning tour of Lisbon

We are arriving a day early in Lisbon, plan to rest up on the 24th, but wonder if we can do something interesting before our 2 pm meeting on the 25th. We could ask the concierge, but if anyone has suggestions, it would be appreciated.


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    There is another thread on this site that suggests Lisbon Explorer Tours as a good source for half day tours in Lisbon and in particular the Hidden Lisbon Tour that they offer. Trip Advisor also rates them highly. They are the number one tour group per the contributors to Trip Advisor with a solid 5 star rating. My wife and I are on the June 15 Tauck tour and have signed up for this Tour so we have no first hand knowledge but I am comfortable suggesting it to you. You can use PayPal to pay for the tour if you are uncomfortable providing your credit card information. The tour departs from a plaza a little over a mile from the hotel.
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    I suggest you contact Tauck and find out who your tour guide is.
    Ours was Joe, who handed out suggestions the morning after the arriva dinner. Perhaps you can get him to email the inside scoop before you arrive in Lisbon.
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