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No more problems; issue(s) resolved


  • Bob, private message me and I will give you the name of another tour company that gives seniority to their customers and guarantee the most frequent travelers with them are allocated the best rooms

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    “. . ., I think Mr. Tauck better pay attention . . .”

    FYI, the CEO is Mr Mahar, not Mr Tauck. ;)

  • Bob is a figment of his own imagination.

  • Bob is a 'troller' from way back.

  • On our Legends of the West tour we were assigned a room at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel that overlooked the back door of the kitchen and a long line of garbage cans, Other guests had rooms that looked out over the lake. We politely told our TA that the room was not what we expected. He said he had no control over the rooms. Our next stop with Old Faithful Inn, When we walked into our room it was facing Old Faithful and we watched it the geyser go off many times. It was the perfect view. Whether or not he was responsible for geassigning us the room or it was the luck of the draw we don't know. I do believe Tauck does its best to keep their customers happy!

  • The tour director is the person to talk to about most tour issues. But, room problems are best solved by the hotel manager or the staff. We changed rooms at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club, and I think it was a Marriott in Costa Rica.
    In both cases the hotel manager provided staff to help us move. At the Mt. Kenya Safari Club they upgraded us to a very nice suite. Although I would love to tell the story, I can’t tell you what we experienced at the Intercontinental in Marseille. It was ‘good’.

  • On all my tours, I've changed rooms once. It was at the Bristol in Vienna. the A/C wasn't working. I contacted the TD and he made the arrangements for me to move.

    On that same tour (Central Europe), the TD said if any solos get put in smallish rooms to let him know and he would fix it. He said some hotels try to pull that, but it's unacceptable.

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    The only time we ever changed rooms was on England, Scotland, Wales. We had a fine Tauck room but I made pre-tour arrangements with the hotel for a room with a “castle view”. It cost us an additional amount but was worth it. Not only did we have a great view of Edinburgh Castle, but after doing a bit of pre-tour sightseeing we rested in our room watching the large crowd gathered in the plaza in front of the Sheraton. A jumbotron had been installed and they were cheering wildly while watching Andy Murray, a Scot, win Wimbledon!

  • When we took the Classic Italy tour we were given a huge room in Florence. Another Tauck couple was right across the hall and their room was so small that between their suitcases and the furniture -- there was literally no room to move around. They told the TD and within minutes the problem was fixed. Apologies from the hotel staff and they were upgraded to a suite. On the last night at the Bristol in Vienna our hot water was not working. I called downstairs and was basically told that we must be doing something wrong -- even though the hot water had worked just fine the other nights we were there. They sent a maintenance person up -- and he confirmed that the hot water was not working. We were leaving early the next morning -- so rather than move us -- they gave us a key to another room to use in the morning to take showers. I have found in around 10 Tauck tours that unless it is a total impossibility because a hotel is fully booked -- either the TD or hotel staff has been able to rectify problems people had with their rooms.

  • I've had only one room with a bad outside view on a Tauck tour. It was at the Sofitel in Queenstown, NZ, and was below ground level, because the hotel was built into a hill. However, my room was lovely, and I just drew the drapes when I was in the room (which was not often.). No problem.

  • A lot to do about nothing

  • I see Bob has edited his original post.
    Bob, did Tauck compensate you?

  • Only time I ever complained about a 'Tauck' room was in Egypt. I told our T.D. that our room had an obstructed view! ...She apologized for not being able to MOVE the Great Pyramid of Giza! LOL The whole tour was beyond perfect.

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