Yellow Fever Vaccination

I am still looking for any one with recent (2012) experience on the Peru/Galapagos Tour regarding Ecuador's position on entrance into Ecuador from Peru without the Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate..


  • We took the March/April trip and did not need the Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.
  • We are on the November trip. Our local travel medicine clinic recommened the Yellow Fever vaccine. According to the CDC there is not much risk in the areas where we are traveling. I think the main problem is getting into another country after leaving an area known for Yellow Fever. We received the vaccination (which is good for 10 years) with no problems. We may even decide to get more bang for our buck & travel to other places where the vaccine is needed before it expires. Life is an adventure, but being safe is still smart!
  • Absolutely! My thoughts entirely. I'm keeping what's left of mine up my sleeve for Peru! And if you're old enough to remember the polio epidemics of the 50s, you sure as heck keep up to date with those shots, too!


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