Each tour seems better

We just completed or fifth Tauck Tour. The Spirit of the Desert is superb! Red Cliffs Lodge is the starting point located outside Moab, Utah, on the Colorado River. It is a rustic, red-rock paradise. The lodge staff couldn't have been nicer. Cindy Walker, our tour guide, was a cheerful, informative leader - a total delight! The bus driver, John Gustafson, was pleasant and a very skilled driver!

In typical Tauck fashion, every event was well-planned. One windy day could have hindered our picnic supper, but Cindy and the Red Cliffs staff partnered with folks at Dead Horse State Park to make our dinner an indoor success.

Numerous guest speakers gave us added insight to the area. My favorite was an 81 year old cowboy with lots of experiences in the Moab movie industry. He was a talking history book with a marvelous sense of humor.

We were privileged to see a wide variety of beauty in nature and end up in Las Vegas to see amazing man made marvels - a thrilling contrast!

Once again a job well-done by Tauck!


  • Glad to hear your report, Rootie. I'm off on the Spirit of the Desert in September and it's a part of the world that's been calling to me like a pack of sirens for many years. I think all those early TV westerns must have imprinted themselves on my tiny brain! I have a few extra days at Red Cliffs, and judging by their web site I am really going to enjoy my acclimatisation time. I love history, so I'll be keeping my eye out for that old cowboy and his tall tails and true!

    So, can you tell me what the raft trip was like? I am hoping it is more float with gurgles than any hint of white water. Can you elaborate, please?


  • I was a bit worried about the raft trip, but it wasn't bad at all. I did hold on with both hands and there were a couple splashes. My feet got wet. Overall, it was a lovely ride; I never was afraid. It was windy and 4 people on the raft used oars to help us keep moving a few times. You'll be glad you took the raft trip!

    The Red Cliffs Lodge is in such a lovely location; we loved being there a day early to enjoy its beauty before starting the tour.
  • Hmmm.... sounds more like splashes than floaties! Maybe not the time to have a new camera ... or any camera ... round your neck, huh?
  • We took a small Nikon that is waterproof and shockproof. Others took water-safe cameras. Without a protected camera, just watch the beautiful scenery and make " mental" photos!
  • Thanks, Rootie. I might think about getting a little waterproof myself.


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