Wonderland: Winter in Yellowstone DVDs

For folks who might be curious as to what Yellowstone must be like in winter, here are three great DVDs (available at gift stores in Yellowstone and elsewhere, I assume): (1) Russ Finley's "Winter in Yellowstone" [Finley-Holiday Film Corp, Whittier, CA, 1 (800) 345-6707; 51 mins.], (2) Nature "Yellowstone" (In the Valley of the Wolves, Christmas in Yellowstone) [www.questarentertainment.com; 104 mins.]; and (3) Silence & Solitude (Yellowstone's Winter Wilderness) [Montana PBS; www.montanapbs.org; 1 (800) 406-6383; 45 mins.].

I guarantee that after you see these 3 DVDs, you will definitely want to go on Tauck's tour (Jan. to Feb. 2013; only two months, 11 excursions). FYI, I went on one of the excursions in Feb. (2012) and I am getting reading to go on my 10th Tauck tour later this week (SF/Sonoma & Napa); the Winter in Yellowstone was one of the best tours/experiences I have had in my life. Almost indescribably beautiful!
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