Wiesbaden & Clothes

Two questions:

1. We're arriving early for the July 7th tour. Any suggestions about what to do/see.

2. Do men need to bring a sports jacket/tie & women dressy clothes.


  • OK, I'll answer my own post:

    1. Nothing to do in Wiesbaden other than walk around small shops.

    2. 5, FIVE!, nights where jackets suggested.
  • I took the Germany trip a few years ago. I seem to remeber that there is a trolley tour that shows you the sights. You can catch it couple of blocks from the hotel.

  • I can't really comment on the ... 5 jacket nights ..., except to say the Europeans take dining seriously. It's a style thing. Dining out is a celebration of food and style and, at least for dinner, of formalities. If Tauck suggest jackets in their material, I would take that as good advice.

    Think of it as packing something that you absolutely know you will wear. Lots. Just be thankful you aren't required to wear white tie. That's right, tails. You can dress for hot dogs at home. ;)



  • The problem was that we had no advance notice so we didn't pack accordingly. We found out how many formal dinners once we were in Germany. They should have told us in advance.
  • Took this wonderful tour two years ago.
    In terms of what to do when arriving in Wiesbaden a day early, I too did the trolley tour. Yes, the trolley took you to points around the city, however, the narration was in German. I, and the other English speaking individuals on the tour were given English script for the narration. Although I speak some German, i had a hard time keeping up with the narration. While reading the script I missed the scenery.
    Recommend walking to the town square and exploring on your own. Numerous small shops to check out as well as the town hall.
    Also, if there on a Saturday, they have a WONDERFUL farmer's market. Everything you could imagine from fruits, flowers, produce, eggs, cheese, sausages and meats, fish, etc. You name it, if it is in season, it is there. Something to definitely see and experience.
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