England, Scotland and Wales Slide Program

We were on the August, 2011 England, Scotland and Wales tour and it was wonderful. We were lucky enough to see the Tattoo. Edinburgh was more crowded at that time, because the Fringe Festival came during the same time.

The weather was of a comfortable temperature, but be sure to bring some rain gear as it rained most of the time that we were there. The rain was mostly misty or at a drizzle and didn't interfere with any of the activities. We were lucky because the rain stopped in time for the Tattoo (The Tattoo goes on even if it is raining and Tauck supplied us with Ponchos just in case)

I made a slide programs of this trip. You can view it at:


You will be asked to download a "Presenter" program. It is very safe (part of my Photodex software and even the teacher of my on-line photo class has the same software.) and only takes a few seconds to download.

Try to watch it full screen (click on the second box from the right bottom of the Photodex screen) and keep your sound on.

I hope that you enjoy it. You will be surprised at how much you will see on this trip.

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