October 3-10

Linda and Joel from NY will be going. Who's joining us?


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    First time on a Tauck tour. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Travelling alone as my wife did not want to go, so...see ya' when I get back
    Chuck from Baltimore, Maryland
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    Andrea and Bruce from Baltimore. We are traveling with friends Kathy and Dave Feldmann. First Tauck tour and trip to Italy for the four of us!
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    We'll be arriving a day early, First Tauk tour- First time Italy, Look forward to meeting all of you.
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    edited September 2012
    Hello All! I will be joining the tour along with my very good friend Nancy. I have not been to Europe so I am really excited. We are coming from Connecticut and looking forward to meeting everyone! Safe travels!
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    Hi everyone! This is Angela. I will be traveling with my boyfriend Kendrick. This is my third Tauck tour. I did Spain last year and Italy before. This will be Kendrick's first trip to Europe and his first Tauck experience. We are arriving a day early and excited about meeting everyone!
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