use of ipad on ship

Is an electric convertor necessary for ipad or basically any other item requiring electricity while on board ship?


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    I didn't see anyone using an "electric converter", per se. I think your question might cover 2 different, but weirdly similar things, though!

    1) Most travel appliances have dual or convertible voltages .... 110 for you Americans and 220 (give or take a few volts!) for Europe and Asia and .... the rest of the known world. (Only joking!) So it will be a manual switch or built in magically .... as in my wonderful Apple Air...which does it all itself. So unless you have an unusual appliance, you probably won't need a converter..... but

    2) You will probably need an adaptor plug or two to convert the American 2 pronged appliance connection plug for the (different) 2 pronged European power point... (wall socket). Think multiple plugs for convenience.... computer, camera, iPod..... that you can leave attached to their thing for the duration. Helps with the panic when the camera battery dies.


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