Clothing and laundry

I have read that there are no laundry facilities on the Isabella. Do any of the other hotels have a laundromat on site? We would like to pack light, but seeing that we stay in most hotels only a day or 2, it may be difficult if only laundry service or dry cleaning are available.


  • I always take a small bottle of laundry detergent and wash things out as soon as we get to a hotel. When this runs out I just use shampoo or bath gel--it's still soap. If I wring things out in a towel (after doing it without) it is usally dry by the time we have to leave if not before--if still damp, a hairdryer to the item does the trick. We have taken trips back to back--that's about a month--never needed a laundromat.
  • I managed on the Isabella just as Francesca has described. Because it's an "expedition" type trip, no one even notices if you look a bit crumpled ... makes everyone look more authentic! Clean shirts and trousers for dinner was the epitome of our sartorial splendor! It is a stunning trip. Have a wonderful time.


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