Electricity Requirements in Cuba

My wife and I are traveling to Cuba with Tauck on July 17. I was surprised to read in their tour information that only 220 volts/50 Hz electricity service is available in Cuba. Every single travel site I have visited in the last couple of days indicates that all of the [major] hotels have dual 120 V/60 Hz and the typical European 220 V/50 Hz service. So, I would expect Melia Habana would be in that category.



  • Hello bmclachlan,

    In the Meliá Habana, the current is 220 volts / 60 Hz. In most cases, round, two-pronged wall outlets are used. Using a simple adapter, most U.S. electrical devices can be used. The Meliá Habana provides a converter so that you’ll be equipped to use standard U.S.- style two- or three-prong, 110-volt outlets, or European-style, round two-prong 220-volt outlets. Additionally, a 110-volt outlet for electric razors can be found in guest bathrooms.

    While it will be necessary for you to use a special adapter plug to fit the wall outlets featured locally, most consumer electronics no longer require the use of a voltage converter / transformer along with the adapter plug. (Most electronics now self-convert, and can actually be damaged by using an additional converter.)

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