Nova Scotia this Summer

Anyone considering a tour of Nova Scotia this summer? Never done a Tauck tour before, and never been to Nova Scotia before. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • Canada is always stunning and Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island are delightful provinces. Despite being small geographically and quite rural, this part of Canada has a rich, vibrant and multicultural history. The food is wonderful. The people are friendly. There isn't a bad view in the entire area! What more could a traveller want? I did this trip a couple of years ago and I'm going back in July to do the trip I really wanted to do then ... but wasn't available ... the longer version that goes to Cape Breton Island. Try and arrive, or leave a few days earlier/later. Halifax is only a small city but very interesting. There's a lot to see and do on foot. There's a lovely art gallery. Again, don't think National Gallery but rather enjoy a nice collection with particular local strengths. There's also the maritime museum on the waterfront. This is the museum with the original Titanic exhibits ... the ones that washed up in 1912, or came ashore with the few survivors. And there's that cemetery, too.

    Do go. It's a lovely part of the world.
  • jdurkin is absolutely right! Nova Scotia is beautiful. Halifax is a great little city with really interesting history. If you get a chance, do the Harbour Hopper tour. PEI is a sweet place - definately read at least the first Ann of Green Gables book before you go!
  • We did this trip in Sept. '09 and it was wonderful! You feel as though you're stepping back in time about 50 years which makes the entire trip quite charming. Our tour guide, Greg, was so knowledgeable of the history, geology, economics and politics of the area that our brains were filled to overslowing with new learning. This trip was our second with Tauck and we've since done two more Tauck Tours. Getting ready now for our fifth later this spring. Each Tour Director has been incredible and so very helpful in all situations. BTW, this particular journey is very laid-back so wear comfortable clothes and have fun!
  • I'm proud to say that this was my 8th tour with Tauck. We just came back from the Maritimes and enjoyed the great cool weather, the beautiful vista views, friendly tour group and excellent seafood cuisine. Our tour guide Tom was very knowledgeable about the regions, talented in song and used great sense of humor in his descriptions and conversations.
    Graham our driver was the most pleasant, courteous and experienced driver I ever had.

    The Bay of Fundy, Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick was our favorite experience ( a great naturalist guide) followed by the Gaelic College in Cape Breton where we participated in a cultural demonstration, watched a master kilt maker transformed tartan fabric into the modern-day quilt and enjoyed hearing Gaelic language and song. The spa at the Keltic Lodge was a wonderful relaxing experience.

    Be prepared to sit in the bus for hours at a time to complete this 1,450 mile tour. Even with frequent stops, the riding was tiresome . The sites along Cabot Trail were beautiful but not worth the final destination, visiting the Centre de La Mi-Creme, a shop filled with amateurish masks, no gifts to purchase and childish demonstrations. French cuisine or French cultural demonstrations could have been experienced in this delightful and quaint small French town. The ferry ride from Cape Benton to NS was a nice change of transportation and scenery.

    For the price of this tour, I was very disappointed that no beverages were severed on the Halifax Harbor cruise or that whale watching was not included! I also was interested in participating in more of the Maritime cultural experiences. May I suggest better quality and variety of hors d'oeuvres to be served at the welcome and farewell receptions. Plenty of drinks are available but for those who don't consume a lot of alcohol, good appetizers would be appreciated.

    The farewell dinner at the Gio in Halifax was exceptional and the lobster dinner at New Glasgow Lobster Suppers was outstanding.

    So if you like to enjoy all the seafood you can eat, view some breathtaking sites, experience some of the culture and inhale some of the freshest air in the world, this is the trip for you!
  • Skoo, we did the trip starting June 30---agree with most of your comments. We ad Dale as TD, and Graham---the point of the Cape Breton Trail WAS the trail, the Keltic Lodge was a pleasant surprise, refurbished nicely-- favorite for us was all of Prince Edward Island, a delightful spot

    This trip is all about scenery, not history.

    BTW, drinks are expensive and at .90 ounces, a terrible pour the likes of which I have never experienced anywhere in the world
  • Thanks Scoop for your reply. I agree with you on PEI as our favorite as well. I would have appreciated if Tauck emphasized in their description of this tour as "scenic" with "long" bus rides in their advertisement. We were interested in both culture and history and got a little blindsided.
    As far as the alcohol, the prices were way high in that region but for those of us who don't drink heavily, better appetizers would have been nice at the receptions.
    Happy travels to you, where are you going next? Skoo
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