Egypt and Jordan

My husband and I were scheduled to go on the Egypt/Jordan trip in March and had all of our documents in hand. Unfortunately this was cancelled because of the situation in Egypt. I wanted to thank Tauck for their quick refund of all of our money. We had everything refunded within 5 days of the trip's cancellation! We are so impressed with Tauck's professionalism and interest in their clients. We are off on our 8th trip next month with Tauck and hope to continue to participate in many other Tauck tours. Hopefully we'll be able to do the Egypt/Jordan trip one day. Again, thank-you Tauck!


  • I do hope you get to go on this trip one day. It is fabulous. Went in 2009 and had a fantastic time. Excellent guides throughout the trip. The tour director, Lanelle, was great - very experienced, practical and thoughtful. The sights are amazing.
  • I'm glad that we persisted in trying to do this tour. It was fabulous. We were re-booked several times until Tauck had enough people signed on to take a trip. (Tauck repaid all change fees that we incurred four times until we finally got a departure that actually happened.) The Egypt tour used to be packed! Exploit this lull in activity to see Egypt!
  • Thank you so much for all your information on your tour to Egypt & Jordan. It is so helpful and I am really looking forward to my trip in March.
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