Are credit cards widely accepted in Canada? I'm taking the Canadian Rockies/Glacier National Park tour, beginning August 1, and wondered how much cash money I need to have handy.


  • Yes. Even though Glacier National Park seems quite remote, where you will be staying is in the United States, so that's nice for you. The rest of the trip is in Canada where the various types of Plastic Fantastic have been in use for many years! I successfully used mine quite a lot last year :)) Most of your meals are included on this trip, so you will only need extra for drinks, odds and ends and shopping, really. You will have a wonderful time as you travel through the International Park. As for Canada, ah, what a wonderful country. My childhood next-door-neighbours here in Australia always referred to their homeland as ... God's own country. I can't say I disagree with their general sentiment ... I think of them every time I visit Canada.

    This is a great trip. Have a wonderful time.


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