Clothing for Aug 1 trip

We are looking forward to our trip toCanadian Rockies and Glacier national Park this week. Any input on type of shoes required - will be be doing actual hiking? DO we need hiking boots or will good sneakers work? Also, the temperature seems to be quite varied. How warm a coat do we need? Do you recommend gloves?


  • Hi, I'll be on that tour, too. Having only one suitcase makes you really think about what you'll actually need. I checked the extended forecast for the areas we'll be appears to be mostly sunny, with daytime temps in the 70's. I'm planning on things that can be layered, plus a soft and easily packable Polartec jacket, if it should turn colder. For shoes, I'm taking sturdy laced walking shoes and one pair of sandals. Looking forward to meeting you! Dot
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    When I leave home in the middle of the year for North America, I'm leaving in winter and often early in the morning. And it can be pretty nippy at 6 o'clock in the morning! I'm usually wearing a pair of thin leather gloves, which get folded up and stashed in my carry on for the return journey. They have come in very handy in lots of places in the Rockies over the years. They were quite handy last year in Glacier National Park and Jasper. I work on the principle that if my neck, head and hands are warm, the rest of me thinks it is! The weather can be brilliantly sunny one day and overcast and cold the next. Besides, whatever it is everywhere else, it is always cold on the glacier!



    PS Lace-up walking shoes should do the trick.
  • Good idea...I'll put in some gloves and a scarf, too. You have great advice! Am packing now. Trying to avoid jeans...they are heavy and take up more space than chino types.
  • I so agree about the jeans. Too heavy and too hard to recycle. Can I suggest you throw in a pair of thick tights? You can wear them under cotton trousers if it gets cold. Good for the glacier! Easier to wash a a pair of tights than jeans any day!


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