Electrical Current

Tauck information indicates that on this tour only the Sol & Luna and Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge provide only 220V electrical current, but that both provide converters and adapters upon request.

Has anyone that has been on this tour recently had any problem with electrical current?

Will have the typical electrical/electronic appliances/equipment, some dual voltage, some not (hair dryer, cell IPhone, IPad, etc.)


  • We did this trip in '09, not exactly recent, but we had no difficulty with the power issues for our "appliances." We found, mch to our delight, that converters were all dual voltage, and that we only needed the plug adapters. We would recommend that you go online to check what the plug adapter is for Ecuador and Peru, and have them on hand yourself before you go to ensure you have what you need before you go.
  • We recently returned from these destinations - every hotel plus the ship had at least one outlet that would accommodate our electronics.
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