Israel and Jordan Nov 13,2012

My wife Phillis and I (Stan) are going on this there anyone else going, or are we to be alone??


  • No, you will not be alone. We are going on the same trip - Penny and Ken from Virginia Beach.
  • Well, if it isn't Penny and Ken.....we've been waiting for you...... The trip is getting close, and the excitement is increasing... and now with you two as friends, I know we'll have a great time. Virginia Beach is a big Naval area...are you involved with the Navy?
  • Hi folks - Peter here from Australia looking forward to meeting you all on this tour. I too am getting excited. I will be solo (someone has to stay home, keep working and paying the bills for the trip!).

    talk soon,

  • Hi are NOT alone. We are all with you. Welcome. I've never been to Australia...on my bucket list. Bring pictures
  • thanks Stringreen - maybe obama or romney will want to come on the trip too! they had lots to say about Israel tonight on the debate...

    I just got back from the beach (I live down from Bondi) so we will have a chat about it

    talk soon,

  • Stringreen wrote:
    My wife Phillis and I (Stan) are going on this there anyone else going, or are we to be alone??

    Judy and Herb Weil, now retired in Victoria,B.C. largely to be near son and grandchildren, will leave Nov 11,
    fly from Seattle on 12th.
    Judy is from Cincinnati, I from New Orleans. I taught for 16 year at UConn, Judy for some at Trinity,etc.
    We emigrated to Canada in 78 for 2 tenure jobs in the same field.
    Now we can vote in both countries, must pay income tax in both.
    We look forward to lots of good talk, our first trip with Tauck.
  • Look forward to meeting all of you. Ken and I are from NYC originally but now live in Virginia Beach. This is our first Tauck tour and we're really looking forward to it.

    Penny and Ken Powders
  • So far, it all looks good.....a bunch of nice people from all over. Phyllis and I are from New Jersey. Phyllis was a nurse in her last life, and I was a pro musician (violinist) in mine. We both lost our spouses and then 4 years ago found each other on line. We gave up the "rat race", retired, and moved here to Scottsdale, Arizona. ....and now we will never have to shovel snow again.....
  • Will we be able to purchase shekels at the airport in Tel Aviv rather than try to buy some before we depart?
  • Hi herb yes - at the airport is the most economical/quick/secure way to get shekels ..though you can also do it in the city ..but at the airport you will get the same 'rate' at the ATM ...if you are 'exchanging' money CDN or USD ...then i wouldn't use the airport necessarily ...if withdrawing form ATM yes as you will get locked in interbank rates.
  • Thank you.
    I assume you are saying the airport is best for ATM, perhaps not for cash.
  • Hi Herb,

    At the airport if you have an ATM card (bank card on the Cirrus or Plus networks) like CIBC/TD Bank etc. then it is best for you to use the bank machine at the airport to withdraw cash. You will pop in your card and pin and then withdraw. You will get hit with various fees for using the machine and forex settlement but usually this is the most cost effective way to pull down money. ATMs settle at the wholesale rate of the day. This is always my preference. If your card waives forex settlement (I have one that does) then great! The airport's ATM will have the same forex rate/charges as an ATM in the city so why not do it at the airport.

    If you have USD or Canadian dollars, euro or whatever and you want to rock up to a counter and swap them for Shekels ...usually the airport is the worst place to do this as they gouge you (no competition). It is best to go in to the city to an area where there are 'many' money swappers/handlers as you have competition and can get a better rate.

    Make sense?
  • Fine. Thank you.
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