Australia portion of Tauck tour

We are looking at the Australian portion of the Tauck tour but can't tell much about the walking requirements. I have a knee problem and was concerned about how much walking would be required vs optional on the tour? Anyone with previous experience? One of the tour agents said "a lot" but we would like input from those "in the know"...The Ayers Rock portion looks somewhat daunting...Thanks


  • I can't comment on the details of the tour. Since I am Australian I haven't taken this tour! But as an Australian I must tell you that it is considered the height of cultural insensitivity to climb Uluru, or even approach some parts of the Uluru reserve. Because Tauck is a very professional company, I'm sure they will arrange for a cultural custodian to explain the significance of Uluru to their people to your tour group. I'm sure they will make sure, you, as a visitor to their sacred place, will enjoy a fulfilling visit to this very spiritual and special site.

    So that's one place your tour agent needs to brush up on, because you won't encounter very much of a daunting nature at all! Except the heat, if you go in high summer ... but then why would you when there are much nicer times to visit!

    It's a big country, and although this is one of our very special places, there are many others to enjoy. I do hope you enjoy the whole of your Australian visit.


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