Cracking macadamia nuts (with a C-clamp - sharing info)

Hi all,

thought I want to share this: After my sister in law told me that they
are much easier
to crack along the equators than along the poles (which I found is
true), I found that
when you get the occasional very hard to crack one (I got away from
using vise grips
and use a C-camp now), putting the handle down on the floor (you may
want to use
some layer of paper to not damage the floors) and pushing down on the
"C" of the
clamp will usually do it. You may have to turn it over and repeat.
Being one for
multi-use tools anyway, for me this most certainly beats all the high
priced and out of
stock macadamia nut crackers. As we probably still have a lot of
macadamia nuts
without buyers here on the Big Island, that's one way of cracking

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