Video of March 2011 Tour

If you wish to see what adventures lie instore for you on this tour or if you are curious about this tour, here is a link to my You Tube Video. The video is 22 minutes long and covers most of the highlights of the tour ]

I have taken over 30 Tauck tours and this is one of the most interesting Tauck tour I have been on. It is on my top 5 list. I will do this tour again in the future


  • Great video! We really enjoyed watching it. We're thinking of going on this trip in 2012 so this was a real interest to us. Was there any special reason as to why you chose the month of March? Others have recommended October as being a good month because there is a possibility of less rain. Is it necessary for men to wear a sports coat? Thank-you.
  • This must be one of Taucks most informal tours. About half of the men brought sports coats to wear on first/last night get togethers and to the Tango show. I did not and did not feel out of place in the least.

    We chose March because that worked for our travel schedule. We did not have rain on any day except for the Andes crossing where there is always rain.

    Hope this helps

    Leslie Klein
  • Is anyone going on the 12/7/13 tour? My wife and i will be travelling with another couple but would like to identify others who will be in Santiago a day early or who will leave from Rio a day after the tour ends.
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