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I know we have been told that cell service most likely will not work while in Cuba, but has anyone tried and had any luck, with any service?? I am particularly interested in AT&T service, but curious about any service..

Traveling on the September 14th trip..


  • Hi barkley,

    Cell phone service has been hit or miss in Cuba. I know that some people were able to get a signal at the hotel lobby.

    If you really need to call home to the U.S., using your hotel phone would be a far more reliable, albeit not inexpensive, option. The average rate for a call from your hotel phone in Cuba is approximately $2.40 per minute. It’s always a good idea to inquire about the rates you’ll be charged prior to making an international call from the hotel phone.

    Sorry, I could not be of more help. Maybe other travelers can chime in with their experience.

  • Hoping to be on the Cuba trip - and will have a friend from Canada with a _Canadian_ cellphone (which will work in Cuba if regulations permit).

    Will he be able to use his Canadian cellphone for voice and texting?

    If so,
    - what are the rates back to Canada and the US?
    - must the Canadian make any advance arrangements to use his cellphone?

    If we have a PC, and Tauck provides Wi-Fi in the hotel, will we be able to make Skype calls?


    George B
  • to Barkley's question about cellular service _from_ Cuba.

    There's a page at

    Which claims
    Low-cost Cuba cell phone service.
    rangeRoamer provides short-term cell phone service for international travelers.
    Buy, Rent, or use your own cell phone in Cuba.

    Incoming Calls Within Cuba Calls from Cuba to USA TollFree Text Messaging
    $1.99/minute $3.98/minute $2.99/minute $0.69/minute surcharge In Free, Outbound $0.49

    Please note - I do _NOT_ know anything about the reliability of the company advertising. Read all the details and check them out.

    George B
  • Hi George B,

    I am not sure about the cell phone coverage in regards to the Canadian cell phone plans. Your friend may want to speak to his phone carrier regarding text, voice, and charges.

    As for Wi-Fi, there is indeed Wi-Fi at our hotel the Melia Cuba.

    Sorry, I couldn't have help more.

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