We are going on the Essence of South America tour in two weeks...beginning on September 23rd. I was wondering if anyone could advise us of what type of clothing to pack....both regarding the weather and type of dress appropriate for the trip. Thanks!


  • In terms of dressy vs. non-dressy, there are a couple of events you'll want to have nicer outfit or 2 - business casual, not super dressy. The evening out in Buenos Aires seeing the Tango show was probably the most dressed up occasion. I went in late October/early November last year so a bit later in Spring than you are going. The cities were all fairly warm (70s - 80s). We lucked out with Igazu Falls being neither very hot or very rainy. Definately needed a jacket crossing the Andes. You should check on internet for weather outlook at the various locations the tour stops. Have fun!
  • Thanks so much for your great advice! We are really looking forward to our trip!
  • OlySue advice worked for our 11/18 trip.
    We had zero rain, which apparently is unusual. Several bought local jackets/sweaters for puerto Montt to Bariloche. Rest of trip warm and Igazu Falls hot/humid.
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