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Some friends and I are going on the December 2 Christmas Market trip, which starts in Vienna. We're arriving on November 30, and plan to do a little sightseeing, plus we'll also try to visit markets other than the Schonbrunn Palace market included on the tour. I was wondering if anyone has recommendations on the different markets in the city as there seem to be several of them. Also, has anyone been to the Advent music event at St. Stephen's Church? Thanks.


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    What is supposed to be Vienna's oldest and largest Christmas Market is on the Rathausplatz in front of the city hall. We really enjoyed our visit to it.
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    Thank you, lovestravel, the market you mention is definitely on our list. I may need a bigger suitcase.
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    I am going on the 8th of December, the reverse of your trip. I have done the Rhine Christmas Markets trip and loved it! I have also done the Blue Danube and thought it was my best trip! I will be looking forward to Regensburg and Vienna all done up for Christmas. You will pleasantly be surprised!
    I'll have my gifts wrapped and cards written before I leave. Then when I come home, I will decorate a fresh tree and bake cookies. Works for me!
    Merry Christmas & enjoy the gluwein! Hot on the ship!
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    The Rathausplatz market is fantastic. A travel book lists these:Freyung, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Schonbrun, Karlsplatz, Spittelberg and Maria-Theresien Platz. Have only been to the Rathaus. It was two blocks from our hotel!
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    Joe Super and Nancy M-o-r-g-a-n from Collegeville, PA. We are looking forward to our trip and meeting new people and seeing the Chrismas Markets. joe is still working full time /part time. We still ski, play tennis and try to keep fit.
    nancy M-o-r-g-a-n
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